Tomes of history

Archivedof inactive roleplay storylines are stored here for your reading enjoyment.
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  • Crimson Corsairs
    Quit the military? Found out civilian life isn't easy? Join the Crimson Corsairs and put those skills to use! As 'privateers' for hire, the cash just starts flowing in! Never mind that you're doing life threatening work, and are quite possibly getting roped into events far, far out of your control! Join the Crimson Corsairs and leap straight down the rabbit hole - for money and glory!
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  • Figments of Fantasia
    Many thousands of years ago, different species were scooped up from around the universe, altered and then placed on a primitive planet to do battle with one another. Over the generations, new species emerged and the battles raged on despite having moments of respite. On the continent of Uyria, Orcs have landed on the shores of a human kingdom and war has broken out. Meanwhile, the ice trolls have gotten bolder and are conducting skirmishes against Stormforge, the capital of Belegrod, seat of the dwarven clan, Hillguard. Will you rise to the call of the war drums or cut your own path to glory!
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  • Jord (Planet)
    Nestled in a nebula on the far side of the galaxy is a small planetary system circling a red dwarf with a single habitable low technology planet, Jord. Magic, called "The Word", is the life blood of Jord and is regulated by the radiant Embers and the dark Aphotics. The elves struggle to appease their Gods and guide humanity along a righteous path to balance the Word. While humanity led by the Church of the Holy Sword seeks to exterminate the elder race for corrupting Jord and disrupting the balance. Only Elves and the Children of the Wind have taken to the skies while the humans under the rule of the Church remain earthbound. Outside hands placed humans on Jord thousands of years ago and it feels as if something is manipulating them still to an unknown end.
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  • KRS Carol Octavius
    An ancient map reveals the location of a tomb on the abandoned prison planet of Chateau D'Lf in the fierce LeLoup system. An experimental ship, an unknown treasure, and funding from the Magister's Consortium sends the Carol Octavius expeditionary ship off into the unknown. What secrets slumber in lost tombs? Will venturing into darkness silence that voices that threaten the sanity of the archaeologist that discovered it?
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  • Of Death and Dust
    Well over 3000 years ago, the Empress of the Ikate Keda, Khelena Sraralumee, the Voice of the Gods was assassinated by Heretics. Her soul was bound to a monument of the gods, and she has been the object of worship, sacrifices of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people taking place every year. A portion of the monument, the keystone, was stolen, and since then Khelena's voice has been silenced, until Nizana Kir'Laderen was presented to her. Now, it is up to this Priestess to find the stone, and resurrect the Empress from under the noses of the now corrupt upper echelon of the Ikate Keda. In this task, failure is not an option.
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  • Song of Whitemeadow
    The young elven Lord Aniseth Whitemeadow is sent as the newest of Kowloon nobility to terraform and colonize planet Heled in Rarjuni System. The Lord and his men are untested and are to be conditioned by the mercenaries of the Uial Lug Free Company, led by the elven Lady, Aleksasha Bloodtree. Politics, cultural misunderstandings and tensions rise as the groups seek to tame the new planet and face the dangers within and without the city walls.
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  • Star Traveller
    Don't fit in? Struggling to keep the bills paid? Haven't eaten in three days? Come join Star Traveller! We are a Firefly-esq merchant plot, with a crew of misfits just trying to keep flying, make a buck, and keep fed while seeing the stars.
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  • The Alarie
    Hammered by strife, the Alarie of the now non-existent Wangdiao colonies struggle to hold on to what civilization they have left. The inner Lihana system, currently decades and centuries behind in technology, attempt to rebuild under a military dictatorship while the outer Aezimon system embroils itself in a cold civil war admist the gas giant's many moons and asteroids. Those who remain are to continue to eke out a living as a mysterious comet, Kharon-Xi, returns to the inner system. Whether it be the system's savior or Pandora's Box, the Alarie are the sole wielders of their fate now.
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  • The Black Forge
    Revenge? Justice? Untouchables? The Black Forge is a group of independent vigilantes and mercenaries looking to right wrongs and keep those above the law subject to a law of higher ideals. Come join our group to right your wrongs and help others to do the same. Learn the Black Codex, and transcend your weaknesses.
    The Black Forge, a collection of misfits all, attempts to survive in a hostile universe, by trading, fighting, and exploring while running low on spare parts, food, and keeping one step a head of the bank.
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  • The Donkey
    Everyone dreams about taking to the stars as crew of the IAS Enterprise, flagship of the Alliance. Growing up, many imagine exploring new worlds, meeting exotic civilizations and coming where no person has come before, all from the bridge of such an illustrious vessel. However, adulthood brought with it many disappointments, and not getting to be at the helm of the pride of The Interstellar Alliance or even some other mighty jewel of the fleet is certainly one of them. Join the crew of a deathtrap of a ship too small to even have an official name as you clean up the messes left behind by heroes and fill in the holes they don't have the time to cover!
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  • The Forgotten
    It's 3015 GSC, the Wangdaio Colonies have fallen and have been under siege for 5 years. Communications lines between Shouwei Forces and the colony systems have been severed by a mysterious communications black out. The surviving colonists are being attacked from within and from the outside by various hostile forces: ferocious aliens, strange undead monstrosities, pirates and a violent betrayal from their own intelligence forces, the Heise. Starving, terrified and alone, the Wangdaio must save themselves as they struggle to survive or else be truly forgotten.
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  • The Gentle Breeze
    Society in The Empire of Tai Pan is divided into three tiers. The 1st Class Taianese themselves, the 2nd Class who got the gene mods necessary to become Taianese in body but not mind, and finally, the 3rd Class. All the riff-raff too poor or without the social and political ties necessary to get their hands on those expensive yet wonderful gene mods. Segregated and with fewer rights, there's little room to move up in society. But, one Taianese woman in particular is wondering if this should change. Can you prove yourself to her in this story of combat, slice of life boredom, and bizarre reality?
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  • Whispers of The Past
    Whisper, a knight under Lord Du Rochon, goes on a quest to find answers about his past and family, with a need to avenge his family's murder. What truths await on Neridto Chi in the Wolves' Den star system?
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  • Wild Hearts (SFW)
    It's that time of year again! Looking for a chance at a random romance, would-be lovers have been randomly paired up for all expense paid couples getaways! If only the algorithm allowed for more preferences. This could be the best night of your life or another date from hell. Which will it be? It's up to you! (Sponsored by Argent Weapons Emporium and Wild Heart Romance)
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  • Y-Haul
    I haul, You haul, We all haul for fuck’s sake! Come one, come all, see the show, step right up and see how players and characters can drive a plot, into the ground. This Cargo Ship plot is focused on the player's character's interaction, with mild GM direction.
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  • Redfall
    3038 GSC. Welcome aboard. Whatever job you've got in the proud Kowloon Postal Service, it's probably a fair bet that you could be doing it for more pay on a military vessel, if only you were smart enough or good enough or well connected enough. But you aren't. Tough shit.
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  • Roses of Whitemeadow
    3038 GSC: It's 20 years after the founding of House Whitemeadow on Heled. Magic binds House Sutauto and House Whitemeadow together as a slumbering god awakens. Storms are brewing on the horizon that threaten to destroy both noble houses from within and without. Can the children of these noble houses break the chains that bind them? Or will they drown in the coming tempest?
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