Kowloon Territories

The Kowlani Territories, or the Solarity of Kowloon, is a small suzerain to the galactic south of the Tai Pan empire. Home to dozens of species, it is ruled as a monarchy, and underneath the Lord Empress, Bhelith tu Andes Arleigh, it nevertheless prospers in opposition to its democratic neighbors. Fortunes are made or broken in the wild edges of the Solarity, and the names of those who made or lost them rise and fall with equal severity.
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  • Knights of Kowloon
    **Profanity warning. ** The Azalea Free Company of Kowloon led by none other than Creature and his group of aberrant and rag-tag lieutenants, is an Kowloon free company motivated by their desire for knightly honor, a roof over their heads, basic necessities, and a lover's embrace! Throughout their adventures, they will fight unscrupulous bandits, hell-bent armies, and all manner of existential dangers to Kowloon. Regardless of whether or not they emerge victorious in these encounters, the men and women of the Azalea are united in their will and purpose!
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  • Redfall
    3038 GSC. Welcome aboard. Whatever job you've got in the proud Kowloon Postal Service, it's probably a fair bet that you could be doing it for more pay on a military vessel, if only you were smart enough or good enough or well connected enough. But you aren't. Tough shit.
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  • Roses of Whitemeadow
    3038 GSC: It's 20 years after the founding of House Whitemeadow on Heled. Magic binds House Sutauto and House Whitemeadow together as a slumbering god awakens. Storms are brewing on the horizon that threaten to destroy both noble houses from within and without. Can the children of these noble houses break the chains that bind them? Or will they drown in the coming tempest?
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