Submission Process and Checklist

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Submission Process and Checklist

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Process and checklist for the Setting Review Board (SRB) to use when reviewing proposed additions/changes to the Shattered Universe setting cannon.

A. Review Process:
The SRB review process is intended to quickly and easily speed submissions through the final stage of development and submission to site cannon. The process should be quick, but also should allow the submission creator enough time to make any and all changes required by the submission reviewer. It is proposed that the review process should take on average 1 to 2 weeks, less in most cases, unless additional time is needed due to the submission being larger and more complex (such as a nation/organization/species) or for completion of needed fixes or due to unforeseen issues outside of the site operation. No submission should be rejected by being timed out unless submitter has departed from the site. If a reviewer is unable to complete the process, the review should be handed over to another member of the SRB. If the submitter is unable to complete the review process the submission should be placed on hold until submitter is available to complete the process.

1. Submission process outline:
  • Submission posted to the SRB forum.
  • Submission should be taken up by a member of the SRB within 48 hours and begin initial review. Reviewer will post that the initial review has begun in the submission thread.
  • Initial review process, the reviewer will read over the submission and score its current status as per the checklist (provided in section B). The initial review should take no longer than 48 hours for small submissions, may take longer for larger submissions (such as nations/organizations/species)
  • Upon completion of initial review, the reviewer will post the completed checklist showing the submissions current score and detail out any required fixes. If there are none, then the submission can be approved. If fixes are needed, the submitter is then granted an appropriate amount of time to make said fixes. For small submissions 1 week may be enough time to complete; while, for larger submissions a longer correction period is acceptable and can vary dependent on the size and complexity of the submission. It is suggested and encouraged that the reviewer and submitter communicate openly and as often as needed during this process. Once the require corrections are made the submitter will post in the submission thread to inform their reviewer that they are complete.
  • Follow up review process. Follow up reviews will be conducted within 48 hours of the notification of completion of fixes by the submitter. The reviewer will again review the submission with the checklist and post the updated checklist score to the submission thread when complete. If there is still work to be done, this process can repeat as many times as needed but is suggested that the review should not need to take more than 3-4 total reviews to complete to satisfaction.
  • Once the submission is considered satisfactory by the reviewer, the article will then be approved to site cannon.
  1. Grounds for rejection of submission: A submission may be rejected for the following reasons:
  1. It sufficiently deviates from the site cannon.
  2. The submitter fails or refuses to make the required fixes as determined by the reviewer based on the checklist.
  3. The submitter departs from the site before the review process is completed.

B. Review Checklist:
The following checklist will be used to ensure submissions are in line with site cannon, are of sufficient quality and originality. The checklist is intended to ensure and promote a level of quality, originality, and consistency in the wiki and site cannon. The checklist is not intended as a tool to prevent people for creating and adding content to the site cannon.

1. Technical Review:
  • Submission utilizes provided templates (If applicable)?
  • Submission is free of Spelling and Grammatical Errors?

2. Content Review (General):
  • Submission adheres to the recognized cannon of the nation/organization/species it is being created for as referenced in the Nation and Organizations Standards section of the wiki (if applicable)?
  • Submission is sufficiently original in nature, not directly duplicating materiel of another IP?
  • Submission adheres to the recognized overall site cannon?
  • Submission of new nation/organization/species adheres to the recognized overall site cannon (if applicable)?
  • For Submissions adding to existing setting elements, did the submitter communicate their plans to the original creator/current manager of that preexisting setting element (such as a nation/organization/species)? *Note: this item is not grounds for holding up approval of a submission if it sufficiently falls in line with the predetermined cannon for that setting element

3. Content Review section II (Nation/Organization/Species):
  • Submission is sufficiently original and different from existing setting elements (nations, organizations, species)?
  • Submission is of/for elements currently being allowed to be added to the site (example, currently no new human nations are being accepted)?

C. Requirements for large submissions (Nations and Species)
For large submissions such as Nations and Species should have a minimum number of required pages ready for submission for review. Any submissions that do not meet the bare minimum required pages will need to have these pages completed before they can be eligible for submission.

The required page lists are as follows:

1. Species:
  1. Main species page with the following: general description, physical appearance, biological description, life cycle, diet, language, etc.
  2. Culture page: General information about the species culture
  3. History page: At least an outline of the species history
  4. Home world page: Page with general information about their home world
  5. Artwork: Original artwork of the species. Can be basic sketches or detailed commission art, it must be original
2. Nations
  1. Main nation page with the following: General description, description of their government, brief history of the nation (or link to more detailed history page), brief description of nation economy (or link to a more detailed economy page), list of territories
  2. Species page (see above section on species)
  3. Page or pages for nation military
  4. Entry for the setting cannon database for their cultural and technological cannon
  5. Flag art for the nation (on main nation page)
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