[Input] Lost legion: were darkness is born

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[Input] Lost legion: were darkness is born

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Memorise lost and forgotten and light that dosnt dare to venture lay a civilization long forgotten by those who forgotten what fear is. The lost legion is a conglomerate of those who seek the unbridled power far out of reach of mortal constraint. For those brave enough to seek such power shed the flesh that binds them their pain the key their sacrifice the gateway to unbelievable power.

The lost legion is a unkown yet horror of a conglomerate ruthless but cunning, blasphemous but intellectual for you cant be brilliant without a touch of madness

Groups in the lost legion:
[wip]scarecrows mercanary force
[wip] occult and reasurch group
[wip] the helix plague colony

Together the form a ever growing nation so far planets in their control : wip
Technology and starships : slag round weapons [wip] , the kraken [Wip super dreadnought ]
Lotis terrorforming ships [wip]
Helix virus [Wip] doll soldiers [Wip]

I will update as i finishing each of these pages
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