1-36: Jigsaw Creature

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1-36: Jigsaw Creature

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Lorani Province, Miksa's Brothel
After the Events of Under Glass

Creature stood on the inside of the brothel where he had first met Lukina. It had been ransacked. The furniture was toppled over, papers and garments were all over the place. Everything that was glass had been shattered. Creature let out a deep sigh and moved deeper into the foyer of the large plantation style house. He knew what had happened. When Azalea company broke and ran, the Black army came across the bridge and began quickly ransacking the fresh countryside. A few of the girls were still here, but they were no longer alive and clearly abused.

His head was spinning. His hearts were pounding like turbines in his chest, and he was sucking in air as his emotions overwhelmed him. The Ivory skinned bartender who ran this establishment, Miksa, lay naked and her face and body disfigured. The black army had taken trophies of her and the girls they did not steal. Valériane was dead. Onikuma was dead. Thaddeus was missing. Lukina driven to near suicide. Now these people. He broke.

Creature eyed his leather satchel, eyed a booze bottle. He then ran outside onto the trampled lawn and began digging, with his claws into the frosty Piyapon Soil.

Her armored boots ground broken glass to dust as she entered the shambles of the brothel. Lukina held the helmet of her Onyx under her arm as she watched the Gartagen run outside. She knelt beside the bodies of the women that had been slaughtered. "Why did you not run when you had the chance?" She said quietly, before she rose to follow Creature outside. "Creature."

She stood behind him, her black power armor had been cleansed of the mire of the earlier battles. She watched him. "Why did you come here?" Her voice was soft. This place had been at the back of her memory, the hedge knight, the liar whose stories had become truth tore at the earth in front of him. "Creature," she said his name a little more firmly.

Creature was muttering to himself. To that voice in his head that crept up on him when he had moments of mental weakness. The dirt flew from behind him as he dug a large hole down into the soil of this world. "I dunno. I needed something... wanted to forget... to fuckin' feel good..." He muttered, his voice sounding distant and detached.

As he spoke his digging became more frantic, more immediate. "It was...fucking stupid..."

The half-elf was kneeling beside him, her armored and gloved hand was on his shoulder, firm and reassuring. "Hey, you don't have to do this right now. I knew them, I will give them last rights. I owe Miksa and the others that much," her voice was calm, sympathetic.

Her chest was tight, she could hear the thunder of his heartbeats loudly in her sensitive ears. There were no other sounds that cut through the stillness and death of the abandoned estate. "Please, stop."

"They have been here a few days. I am burying them." Creature growled slowing his digging when he realized Lukina was already on him. "Mother fucking, fuck," Creature wheezed taking a moment to catch his breath. "That stupid fucking Dallas," Creature said cussing the man's name. It was all futile for him.

He turned and looked up at the half elf. She would see his eye, which normally changed colors as his moods did was very dim. He looked tired, and worn out. He rose up and started walking back into the shattered house. He then paused over Miksa' battered, broken body. He bent down and collected her in his hands. The wooden floor beneath her had been soiled.

"This is no one's fault but the Black Army. They did this," she stated as she followed Creature.

"I don't know what to do." He rasped softly as he carried the woman outside. "Every time I try to fight these people, somebody comes and fucks me up. Gets somebody I give a shit about killed or fucking nearly."

"Keep fighting. They won't stop. It's not the happy ending, but the war will end and these people will stop existing," she firmly replied.

"Then we get to sit back and have happy fucking nightmares about all of this. Or you run off to some other battlefield. Look." He said as he placed Miksa into the hole. "I don't, uhhh. I'm fucking sorry I said that shit to you about love and all of that. All it has done is put you in danger. I'll be fucking honest. With Valériane dead...you are the only tie I have to this fucking place. I mean, the company can work just fine under Kamila or who ever the fuck wants it. The Mikado will just find somebody else like she did when she talked Valériane into taking comman...." He paused, and then shifted himself around so that he was squatting in front of the pile of dirt. He then used his legs to push the dirt into the hole over Miksa's body,

"The world needs heroes. Valériane is ours. We all grieve for her. I did not know her well but I still feel her absence," Lukina said softly. "The words have been spoken. Things came out. It doesn't change back. I don't stop being in danger because you give up on me," she frowned at his back. "As long as I feel, I will be in danger. As long as I care about anyone, you, Bhelith, Gol, the company... people will use you against me and twist me into knots."

Creature paused and took in Lukina’s words. The pause, drew down into a somewhat awkward silence and Lukina found Creature’s Amber eyes was flickering and starting to burn brighter. “You know that shit works both ways right?” He said sharply, his raspy voice not changing in tone. The Gartagen shoved more dirt over the grave. “Unless you want to turn yourself into a soulless fucking robot with no emotions. But I see what you are saying. So I am going to go find Thaddeus and then I am fucking done with this shit.” Creature said. “You are fucking right though. I am a weakness and I will probably get you fucking killed. Just like I got Valériane killed.”

"You did not get her killed. You are not a weakness. I am not a soulless, emotionless thing. I can feel and still survive," Lukina spoke a little bit more loudly. "These people are yours. If you want me gone... then I can go."

Creature touched Lukina's shoulder. Tugging lightly. "This is your world, not mine. I don't want you gone by any means, but I won't be the mother fucker that gets you killed. Plus, everybody is like fucking obsessing over you or something."

"That is not an option," an ominously deep voice began. Taking a breath from its suit, the robed, towering form stepped forward from the shadows. "There is more to be done." Gesturing with armored claws to Bob, the sutakame, continued. "The asset has been briefed. He will assist you in extracting information from any Black Army patrols you may find," the alien explained. "Additionally, it will be useful in making aerial insertions during night time due to its flight ability."

Bob raised a tentacle and waved it at the two.

Lukina looked to the ebon retainer and with a more serious tone in her voice. "You found them, then?" She took a couple of steps towards the hooded alien.

Creature stood off and took out a cigarette. "Plus, look I dunno how to say this, but somebody is supporting these assholes. I aim to find out who. Fucking random ass riding animals. Calvary training? This outfit is waaaaay to well put the fuck together.”

"We are looking to find out who is behind this so we can put a stop to this. We pull the viper from the nest and remove its head. The rest of the body will die," Lukina looked back at Creature and smiled. "Then don't get me killed. Fight alongside me, then I don't have to worry about people murdering you when I'm not there."

"I cannot take to the field. You will find the raiding party, and you will extract the information you need," Bresal began, firmly stating what would happen. "As for their assistance, yes. It is a likelihood my own have done so," it began to explain. "You will not find evidence so easily, as we are not fools." Turning, it reached out with a hand and pointed off into the distance. "I suggest you begin searching in that direction. Soon," Bresal dictated.

"And people complain about elves being cryptic assholes," the half-elf knight stated flatly and clearly for the hooded alien to hear her. "You owe a name, I thought you were loosed for him."

"If you can't take to the field then you can piss off." Creature said. "I've got no use for anybody who can or won't fight. I'm also pretty fucking sick of people showing up who won't, and the Law fucking states that if you aren't sanctioned by me or Azalea company you have to fucking leave."

"Um, wait, so I'm not supposed to find the smithy?" Bob asked, a little confused.

"You are finding the smith, and the base of operations," the robed alien menacingly spoke to the tentacle monster.

"Oh my fucking Chiharu banging Saule with Shara's burning dick! Stop ordering my tentacle monster around! I'm the Lord here! You are... Who the fuck are you anyway?" Creature said Stepping in-between Bob and Bresal. Creature grabbed one of Bob's noodlelike appendages and shook it at Bresal. "Mine. Not yours. My World Destroying sex monster."

"He is another one of the Lady's retainers," Lukina replied and shook her head.

"Yes. But that does not curry with it the Lady's authority. If it was like her little brother or kid, yea. But there is a fucking rank system in check that you begrudgingly force marched my ass through." Creature said releasing Bob's tentacle.

"Uh, where did it go? I know it's still radioing us where to go, but still," Bob spoke up. Looking at Creature, it added, "Also, I prefer only women touch that tentacle Creature. No offense."

"I am her Herald, I carry her authority. He is her... he also carries out her authority. This is the Lady's task to find who made the weapon that was used against the Lady and our fallen heroine," Lukina replied softly.

"You are a fucking Suta, you don't even have sexes. You are like fucking a Shim. Or Schler. You can't even be fucking gay or straight so. No. He doesn't. She carries the authority. If she dies you no longer have authority. His word is not her word." Creature said to Lukina. "You fucking kids need to get that shit understood. Because you belong to the Empress, you are not the Empress. Also I am The Mikado's Lord, so I also curry her authority since she granted me mine."

"Yeah, well, I still got preferences, ok?" the Sutakame replied defensively. "So, uh, we going? The freaky alien thing gave me the briefing. We're going to hit that Black Army raiding party before it hits the fleeing group of refugees over there on foot right? Then have me hypno-interrogate for info?" Bob asked, bringing an eyeballed tentacle up for them to see. "Tai Pan has a hypnotism fetish too, so I sometimes use it on set," he explained.

Lukina pulled on her helmet, the seals hissed as it sealed shut. "Let's go Bob. We'll try not to get killed." She looked over her shoulder at Creature for a moment before she walked over to Bob and patted him on the shoulder. "You flying us there? Before I ghost it?"

"Wait, your suit flies right? I can haul Creature around," Bob suggested, reaching out at the Gartagen with its tentacles.

"Not really. I walk everywhere. It can hover for short distances.. they haven't upgraded the kit for that yet.. it's in the works," Lukina said with a soft sigh.

"Oh, sure then, hop on board!" the Sutakame replied, patting itself on top of its 'head'. The carapace up there was flat enough that Lukina could simply sit on top of it, legs dangling to either side of its eyes. Creature however, wasn't going to get that luxury it seemed, as the tentacles held themselves out for the Gartagen to leap into.

Creature kind of looked at Lukina, then Bob. "This is uh. I will walk."

A Tentacle monster ride later...

"There, just where Bresal said the raiding party would be!" Bob spoke up. While setting the bundled-up Creature down like a sack of potatoes, its tentacles formed a set of stairs for Lukina to get off from its carapace.

Creature flopped down landing head first into the dirt with a loud clatter. He rose up and quickly switched on his spectrometer in his armor. "Fucking stupid fat ass..." He grumbled as he sent out a pulse scan of the area. "I'm coming up no fucking movements. That Servant boy was fucking wrong."

Lukina walked quietly down the tentacle stairs, her armor's cloaking device was active so she was concealed. Her HUD scanned the area as well for possible enemy contacts, she unslung her rifle as she moved carefully away from them.

"What, you don't see them?" the sutakame began. "They're beating the men in that refugee group, and getting ready to take the women." Turning on its axis to look at the Gartagen, it slapped its carapace 'face' with a tentacle. "Right. No thermals." With yet another tentacle, it pointed. "They're right over there a good distance - I think we were a little slow though. The alien said we were supposed to intercept before they caught this group of refugees," Bob observed.

Bob would find there was nothing right over there. The terrain was for the most part just rural frost-bitten land with a bunch of trees all over the place. Bob would notice however the Black Army were here. He could smell them, and their foot prints were all over the place.

"Sorry guys, it was just a bunch of residual thermals and footprints," the floating tentacle monster sighed.

Creature smacked his helmet, to correct his visor when he noticed a blip. Then more blips. A rocket suddenly flashed and leapt out striking Bob with a small thumping detonation. It was an Anti-armor round so his shell cracked open from the blast. The Tracker Lukina would see the thermals of the Black armor soldiers. This was a counter attack. The trio were effectively surrounded. Creature bobbed, and danced flopping over behind a tree, and drew his Deliverance.

Lukina's shield deflected the flying shrapnel from the round. She pulled her rifle tight to her shoulder and returned fire as she maneuvered to cover. Cannot take to the field my ass. Asshole.

Knocked out of the air, the sutakame hit the ground with a thud. Screaming in their minds, they felt the insides of their skulls being scraped at by a thousand spoons as it quickly got itself into cover. Silencing itself, an eyed tentacle examined where the shaped charge blew a finger thick hole clean through. Seeing itself bleed, the monster sprayed its wounds closed with green adhesive, sealing its cracked shell before pulling out its three rifles. Glaive in tentacle, Bob blazed away around its cover, aiming with its eyed limbs. "Suppressing!"

Lukina felt a sharp blunt pain smash into her armor as a rifle round was Placed on her Center-mass. The power armor soaked most of the damage, and did not even buckle. The Black Army soldiers circled about to Flank them. "Forward, the King wants more Prisoners!" a commander called out. "You mean like the big guy the Major brought back?"

Bob's rifles fired with Accuracy, but the Black army soldiers were well entrenched in this brush. They dropped down behind tree stumps and soil humps, and the firing ceased.

The half-elf felt the Onyx's under suite administer something into her system to dull the ache as she returned fire in controlled bursts with her Showstopper into the center mass of the soldiers nearest to her.

Lukina's snap firing chattered loudly and ate up the bark of a tree turning it into splinters. Creature simply sat behind the tree and lit a smoke as he held his Deliverance in his claws. As he did so another rocket was loosed, and Bob would see Lukina was launched off the ground, this time she'd feel it. Her armor held, but her HUD was showing it was compromised and suffering breaches and damage.

"So, who's flanking?" Bob asked, still suppressing the Black Army soldiers as best he could. Alternating fire between the rifles, the Sutakame was sure to at least keep one of them loaded from its big rucksack always. "Because this isn't going anywhere, fast!" it added.

It was then Bob felt, pain? There was a thunderous popping. Bob would see that one of the soldiers was laying on the ground with what appeared to be an Anti-Material rifle. It emitted thunderous report. Bob was suddenly kicked back off his axis.

Lukina grunted as she pushed herself from the ground. She heard the HUD screaming at her. She clutched her rifle and moved to cover again while the active camouflage systems still held. Asshole. Alien.

Sent flying, the Sutakame quickly brought its guns to bear at the sniper and hammered away, alternating between targets. "Flanked! Falling back!" Giving ground to try and guard itself from the flanking shots, it stayed close to cover as best it could. However, it quickly found that wasn't going to work.

The Soldiers formed a circle around the Trio's location. The firing halted, and a voice over a PA called out at Creature, Bob and Lukina. "Alright! I am willing to Negotiate your surrender. The Black King is feeling merciful, and desires more guests with in our halls. So Lay down your arms and I promise none of ya will be harmed."

"Lukina, are you able to sneak away? Shadow us?" Bob spoke into the Elf and Gart-man's minds. "Fighting out of this does not look ideal," it remarked.

She scowled behind her visor. Her eyes looked to Creature though he couldn't see her. "They already found me once. Creature?".

"I could always hypnotize one of the guards after we're caught if they don't know about that," Bob suggested to just the two. Though it was one of the more terrifying abilities of the sutakame, it was also somehow the most forgotten one as well. Somehow.

Creature just stood smoking. "Yea your stealth field keeps collapsing." Creature called out. "Is that a fucking prototype?" Creature asked.

"You suggested them, but not the time," Lukina grumbled.

The officer called out again. "Okay I'll count down to one, and y'all better call back or we are just gonna waste this wood."


"We're still arguing!" Bob shouted at the Black Army.

Creature was scanning with his rifle as Bob shouted back. The Sergeant was standing up waiting to hear back when he said "Two."


The guy's neck exploded. "One." Creature said calmly. He stepped out and began firing his rifle at the enemy. "FUCKING SQUIDDICK DO THAT HYPNOSIS SHIT!" Creature called out. "Fucking Surrender my itching fucking tail, I am going to fuck you little gangsters in the ear!"

Lukina followed Creature, opening fire again in support as he advanced.

"Oh shit!" Panicked and with few other options, the sutakame desperately stuck up its eye tentacles. Bearing down with all the force it could muster, the monster stared at them, reaching out for their minds. "Obey! Kill each other! THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!!"

The Black army soldiers started dropping due to Creature and Lukina's firing. The ones behind them flexed as if trying to fire but couldn't "WE OBEY YOU SUTAKAME OVERLORD." The soldiers to the rear called out in unison. They paused, looked at each other and started shooting, hacking and murdering each other enthusiastically.

Creature just kept walking forward at them, snap firing.

"Oh shit, shit!" Bob swore. "Remember! There's supposed to be just one left after! Pick straws or something!" the Taianese-turned-Suta porn star added in shock. "Holy fuck. I've never done this before - we just do this for hypno-fetish shoots stuff! This is crazy!"

Lukina stopped wasting her ammunition as she followed after Creature, watching the carnage and keeping her rifle at the ready. "Yeah, we have to question someone with the mind rape thing. Cool shit, Bob."

One of the men lay on the ground, his entrails on the dirt next to him amidst a pile of corpses. He was smiling at Bob. "Oh my lord. We have done as you ask. How else may this one serve you?" At first, the sutakame simply stared.

"This will haunt my dreams," it looked square at Lukina and Creature. "Ok, I can do this," Bob hyped himself up, patting itself on its 'cheeks' with a pair of tentacles. "WHERE IS THE BASE?" The sutakame began. As though an afterthought, it quickly sprayed the sticky green foam over the man's massive wound, which hardened. "Trying to buy some time," he told the two.

Lukina knelt behind the dying soldier, "I can stabilize him a bit, but I'd rather just put him down. Also need to know who is making their weapons."

"Oh, right." Looking from Lukina and back to the soldier again, Bob added, "AND WHO IS MAKING YOUR WEAPONS?!" For any veterans of the two Xeno wars, this would have been triggering, but, this 'reenactment' worked.

Lukina grimaced behind her visor since she was in fact, a veteran of the sutakame war but she got to bury that little bit of nightmare fuel. She slung her rifle again and drew her boot knife, waiting for the questioning to end so the soldier could die.

The dying soldier lay on the ground and smiled. "I-I-do not know my lord. My weapon was given to me by the King's master at arms." He responded calmly. "They took me from my momma, and made me kill things. My friends. Then they gave me a weapon and said I was a man."

"Ok, ok, but where's the camp or base at?" Bob asked. "Keep it to the point," the sutakame added, aware that time was not on their side.

With her other hand, she pulled out a large syringe, "It's kinda fucked up, but this can stabilize him for a tick, if we need more time." Lukina injected the dying soldier with a syringe of quikheal liquid.

'We have no camp or base any more. We set up camp whenever we need to rest. Okay. I will keep it to the point my lord. How can this one serve you?"

"Have him describe the Master at arms and where they took Thad to," Lukina suggested.

"Ok, where did Thad - the big dude from Azalea Company - get taken to, and what's the Master at Arms look like?" he asked, echoing the redheaded elf's question.

"With the Black army. The Master at Arms is a Kowloonian man. He has black hair and pale skin. I do not know his name." The young man said still smiling at Bob.

"Oh my Chiharu, he doesn't even know how to get back to base? Really?" the sutakame exclaimed at Lukina and Creature. "How were you going to get back to base? Just follow your boss or something?" he asked incredulously. Deep down however, he suspected he already knew the answer.

"... you, asshole, you getting this shit?" Lukina looked over her shoulder to the darkness where she suspected the hooded retainer was lurking nearby. "Was it your plan for us to get captured?"

Creature spoke up, and rigged up his grenade launcher. "Yeah, if he shows himself I am going to waste him." Creature said rather calmly.

"That was the secondary plan," the voice of the much hated alien replied over the comms. The alien didn't say much else however.

"Yes." He said answering Bob's questions all at once. "I don't really even know where I am. We go out and do what we are told. If not they will hurt people we love. Like my momma."

"Hmm. I don't care for this bullshit. Creature said as he fired his grenade launcher. It thumped. The projectile flew into the darkness where Lukina was looking. It detonated. If it, hit, Bresal would find he suddenly could not see as the camera's and visors of his armor were rendered inert. Lukina would have seen a thick plume of pink paint engulf the area for a few meters. "Good luck asshole." Creature sneered. "Fucking cryptic bullshit. Over it."

"Let's just...I guess stabilize him and drag this guy back and comb his brain?" Bob suggested. "We got any tech for that?" the sutakame asked. "Wait, what about these other people? Do any of them have anything useful on their bodies?" it began, reaching out with its limbs to examine the other corpses.

"Are they digital? I don't want to start digging through this.." Lukina rose to her feet and started pulling off helmets and searching bodies for data pads, comms, anything that might be useful.

"I have no fucking clue if they have regular shit brains or shit robo-brains." Creature said drawing his pistol and shooting the down soldier. Creature then holstered his weapon, set his Deliverance rifle on the ground next to a tree stump. He then stripped off his armor, and Jacket, dropping his sword and scabbard next to the rifle. He began stripping the bodies of their gear and placing what was a similar fit onto himself. After a ten minutes of this Creature looked very much like one of the Black Army soldiers. Gathering his weapons, he took a look at Lukina. “I know the squiggly beast can make himself look like whatever. This is a fucked up question, but uh. What kind of underwear are you wearing?”

Lukina raised an eyebrow behind her visor, "You're assuming that I am wearing any." She let the comment hang in the air a moment and laughed lightly. "Hold on. I get it, I get it. Do you happen to have any blue K on you if we are going undercover?" She held up her hands defensively. "Just hand me the things and let's get a move on."

"Well." Creature said softly. "This will only work if I have fucking something to bring them. It’s a dumb fucking plan and it puts you in needless danger. But taking them head on is what they are good at. I mean, you have that stealth suit and Bob, but we need to get behind their fucking up defense. I won't force you, it's up to you. Chances are where ever this group is sleeping had lots of defenses, and they will be using explosives or whatever.

"I'm playing prisoner?" She crossed her arms across her chest.

Creature gave a soft nod. "Judging by the fucked up enthusiasm they take with women, I'd say they'll be happy. They might hit you; which I am not fucking okay with, grab you. I'll stand right there, with your gun on my belt. Put on a show get to me, grab your gun. I'll toss you your rifle, and I will do wet work. These assholes have been on the move for days now, so they are probably fucking tired as hell."

"I was a trooper in the RRF, but that was a long fucking time ago. Only thing that seems to work is when I do fucking underhanded and go for their balls." Creature added.

"This is like a giant finger puppet - I'm good on my end, but you going to hide that tail of yours?" When they looked back to Bob, the two saw a Black Army soldier burdened with a large, heavy looking pack. The sutakame hid itself quite well already.

"I will ensure alternate assets are in play," Bresal's baritone voice informed them over radio.

Lukina removed her helmet with a hiss and tossed it to Creature. "Just bring my crap, would you?" She started the process of removing her Onyx armor and the under suite until she was just standing in a black tank top, a pair of black boy-shorts and her boots. "You are lucky, that I can handle the cold." She tossed her hair over her shoulder and sighed. She had growing bruises on her shoulders and left thigh from where the power armor and the bubble shield didn't completely absorb the impact from the explosions or bullets.

Her evergreen eyes looked at Creature. "You're going to hate this but I need you to bust my damn lip, let's go." She gestured to the blue Gartagen.

Creature huffed and opened his mouth to object. But she was right. He needed to rough her up. "Yea, good point Bobby, hang on to our shit for us in your....uhhhhhh fucking beetus sack." Creature tossed his rifle over his shoulder and stood looking at Lukina from behind the alien visor he was wearing. Bob would see Creature's whip like tail dance and then curl up around his waist like a belt. Creature then pulled his shirt down over it to cover the blue skin. He stood up straighter. At a glance he looked like a really tall Taianese. Creature then walked, mimicking the Taianese style of movement. He stood in front of Lukina. "Okay, uh you ready?"

"Oh, I can't look!" the Bob-man exclaimed, covering his 'face'.

The half-elf sighed and braced herself for the impact. "Hai."


Creature delivered a quick palm strike to Lukina's mouth. He held his strength back keeping it just a snap, but she would find her mouth pooling with blood. Creature at the end of it look thoroughly ashamed. "Sorry."

Lukina raised an eyebrow at Creature. "It's a weird job I have." She leaned over and spit out the excess blood. "I'll be fine. We have to go save Thad. Give me a second, I have to cry a bit too." She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, she counted silently.

"W-wait!" Bob snaked out a tentacle from his 'arm' and, with a needle, pricked her lip. "There, it shouldn't hurt." Of course, Lukina was also now technically stabbed in the face too. It didn't help Bob feel any better though.


Creature sent a sudden elbow into Lukina's right eye. "Sorry Bobby..." He muttered. "Swollen eye should sell it better than a fucking swollen lip...."

Lukina couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity, he had caught her slightly off balance as she stumbled a few steps back. Her eyes watered as her eye started bruising and swelling. "Ok. Should be fucked up enough. Nothing nanites can't fix. I guess, tie my hands and let's get going."

"Ok, that I can do," Bob helpfully began, sounding rather...normal for once. As the massively over-sized rucksack opened up, a tentacle reached out with a bundle of rope, handing it to the pack's 'wearer' to grab. "I brought along some extra-soft rope - it's the same type we use at work, so I know it's comfy," the Bob-person began tying the elf up. "How do I sound by the way?" he asked, a tentacle disturbingly emerging from the 'mouth' of the masked 'person' - it had taken one of its mawed tentacles and begun speaking with it.

"Not like a tentacle monster in a meat puppet?" Lukina suggested and stood still as she was tied.

"Sweet," Bob happily replied from the hidden maw.

Creature stood and waited for Lukina to be bound. He took her pistol and shoved it behind back, so that his tail held it close. Once bound, Creature, making sure Bob held their things, would start walking. It was cold. Lukina could see Creature's breath every time he exhaled in the air. The ground was stiff, stiff enough that she could see tracks leading back to where these guys came from still firm and fresh in the ground even though they had been placed in the mud hours or days ago.

Lukina followed along, led by Creature who was "holding" the rope. She wasn't bothered by the temperature, though it was obvious she was probably cold.

"Alright then, let's go...where?" the Puppet-Person asked, confused.

"Uh. I mean I am just following the tracks. If they don't bite, You two get cover and gear up. I'll buy fucking time." Creature said as the plodded across the light forest. To his credit he was doing an acceptable job mimicking the way the other Plantigrade races tended to walk.

"Here's hoping?" Lukina eyed the tracks wearily as they went along. Already, it was starting to feel like an eternity.

"So, uh, how'd you all come by here?" Bob awkwardly asked.

"... Piyapon, you mean?"

"Un no. Azalea Company and Lorani Provence I guess." Amusingly enough, the conversation was somewhat 'normal' now that Bob had a puppet.

"I was sent from the neighboring province, Lan se, by my Lord to investigate and help stabilize the region before the insurgency spilled over. I ran into Creature at that brothel when I was gathering information about what was happening in Lorani," Lukina replied quietly.

"A brothel?" Bob began, surprised. It quickly put the pieces together though. "Was it that same one? The one where we were at earlier?" the sutakame controlled puppet asked.

"Yes. Miksa and Elizabet.. and the others.. I was staying with them for a few weeks," Lukina replied quietly again. "Miksa was trying to get me to work there for her."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Bob replied, stepping along behind the near-naked elf. By now, it had figured out how to 'drag' itself along with its tentacles, and the gait was looking rather natural now. "I was a Taianese man once, and got a really good offer to work in the TAV industry. I just had to get into a sutakame bot," he began. "Since then, I managed to get into a real one and, well, this body has urges. So I came here."

"Interesting.. this planet is a vortex of random," Lukina smiled softly. "People in sutakame bodies, Vekimen, shape shifters..."

"Wat?" Bob's maw ended tentacle suddenly coughed. "Voice getting’ - dry. What? Shapeshifter?"

"The Wolf. He changes form between the beast and a man," she added softly. "He's going by Wolf Green."

"...this planet is a vortex of random," the sutakame echoed the elf.
Place: Paju Province
Time: 23:27

Creature lead the way with Lukina walking behind him, her hands bound by the rope. Bob “walking” next to him. The camp they came on was hardly such, dimly lit, and they had some hastily made barriers made of refuse and wood they had lashed together with vines to make barriers. The guards weren't visible but a voice called out. “Oh, holy shit. Straggler eh?” A man’s voice called out from the brush. “Bring her on in guys. Are y'all from that raiding group that came through earlier?”

The Black Soldier stepped out from behind some trees. He was wearing armor like what Creature had on. Motioned for them to walk into the camp’s entry way. “Good haul in this province. You boys have been in and out all day. Too bad the ladies here uh, don’t seem to last long.” He grunted.

Creature remained silent, and gave Lukina a soft jerk with the rope. He hesitantly moved forward. This was his idea, but he was certainly having second thoughts. Lukina knew him well enough at this point, and his body language was giving it away. His shoulders drooped, and his feet were all but dragging across the frozen forest floor. Lukina could see a bit of her pistol that went down his back, still secured by his tail. In his right hand, he held her rifle. His own rifle was slung across his back.

The half-elf prisoner let out a pathetic whimper. "Onegai... please don't hurt me any more... I... I... I'll be good," she stammered with a sob, bumping softly into Creature's back. She clutched the rope that bound her hands and gently pushed the disguised Gartagen forward. "O..ne..ga..i."

"Oh give me a fucking break." Creature moaned. "You are enjoying this." He growled.

"We'll spit-roast you later tonight, so you sit tight. Unless you wanna see what the others will do? Hehe," Bob chuckled. As an actor, he played his role well, following them. "Don't try and run, or you'll regret it," the coarse, raspy sounding 'man' added. Entering the camp with the others, he looked about, trying to reconnoiter the place from behind the face mask.

Bob would see the camp was simple. They had a cluster of tents set up with in, behind the barriers. In the center was a larger group of tents with an entry way. A soft glow crept out from the entrance to the tent. On the inside several of the Black army troopers were lazing around, sifting through piles of loot.

The prisoner cowered with another soft whimper as the Bob soldier leered at her, hiding her face from him and the guards behind Creature. Her posture had shifted, she shuffled her feet and slouched, her eyes were downcast, even her ears seemed to droop dejectedly.

There were about ten women in a large wooden cage all huddled together and stripped of their clothing. Another woman was lashed to a tree, and her back was split open from dozens of whip marks. She did not appear to be awake.

The entrance guard paused and let Creature and Bob and Lukina enter in. Two more troops immediately started walking towards them. “Wha’cha got there?” One of them called out.

Creature responded. “Some little farm bitch, she uh...fucking cries. Tiny little titties, barely a woman. Figured I’d bring it to the boss here. Catch some rest.”

“Eh. Boss is asleep, we will look at her.” The Gate Guard said grabbing Lukina by her arms and forcing her down. He began attempting to shove his fingers in her mouth. “Did you knock any teeth out of her?”

Lukina let herself be forced to her knees as the guard grabbed her face. She stared up at the guard's face, her evergreen eyes wide with fear and damp with tears. She made a soft pained noise at the back of her throat but made no attempt to struggle against the man.

Making sure to get their attention with a slow wave of his hand, Bob warned them away. "This isn't the girl you're looking for. Move along." Taking its costume, a step further, the puppet had pulled part of its mask down, enough to just reveal a pair of 'eyes' that simply compelled. "Move along," he waved his hand again.

The man didn’t take his eyes off Lukina. “No. But she is the girl I am looking at. He then delivered a sharp backhand across Lukina’s face that would send her tumbling to the dirt. “We just need to break her in is all.” He then sent a kick to Lukina’s ass. His iron shod boots reeling like they were loaded with bricks.

Creature tensed and turned. Gripping his rifle tighter Creature restrained. “Yea. She needs a little time and effort.” Creature said flatly. Another of the soldiery came over to Lukina, he began lifting her up. “Want to cage her? Or we do her and then do her?” A fist then crashed into Lukina’s ear, causing her to topple back over. Only this time she landed right in front of Creature’s feet.

"Toss us the keys, and we'll look at what else is on the menu, yeah?" Bob suggested with a sinister snicker. "You get what I mean man?" he continued to stare at the men. Though the sutakame felt its frustration growing, it kept calm. This was right where they wanted to be, after all. It was just a matter of time.

Lukina's body trembled as she pushed herself back up from the ground, her eyes were on the ground for a moment as she shakily regained her feet she grasped the rope. Her jaw tightened as she forced herself to sob. Her eyes met Creature's for a moment, rage flared and then away. "P..l..ease… don't hurt me... I... I'll be good." She stumbled forward again and clutched at Creature's leg. She was shaking as she cried. She was paler and frailer seeming than she had been a few moments earlier.

Creature gripped his rifle with both hands, but didn’t motion to Lukina. He simply held his ground, and helped her up to her feet.

“She is squirmy. Did she carry on like this when you killed her mum and da?” The armored Black army gate guard asked. “Personally, I like it when they beg and scream. When they are quiet I get bored.” The soldier looked at Bob and tilted his head. “Keys to what? What are you talking about. I don’t have any keys.”

“Yeah,” The second soldier said. “Makes me want to hit on ‘em more. Eventually they all give up and do what they are told though.”

Lukina got her hands free of the rope and cowered behind Creature, her right hand reached for her BFR while her left clutched at the front of his belt. "Please, don't let them hurt me any more.. I promise.. I won't fight you..." She pressed her body against Creature's back whimpering, as she gripped her pistol's grip and flicked the switch to mass driver. She quickly drew her BFR free and fired a controlled 3 round burst at the closest guard's face from behind the body armored Gartagen.

Seeing her move, Bob followed her lead. With speed meant to capture Mao, the sutakame lanced out with its tentacles to spear the other two in the necks with its needles. It needed to silence them, put them to sleep and keep this whole thing from exploding into a gunfight.

Lukina drew the pistol around and raised it. The Black Soldier had his attention on Bob. To his credit, Lukina saw him react with reflex and immediately started to raise his rifle. But it was too late. Lukina’s pistol bucked, and made a low popping noise against her hand, and the rounds went into the soldier’s head. tearing through his armor and splitting his helmet open. Blood and grey matter sprayed out, and he dropped on the ground. He lay on his back twitching.

Creature’s tail dropped down from his waist, and he reached behind his back, and unsheathed his Sheshka. He then tossed the weapon with a quick underhanded snap throw. Curved Gartagen short sword tumbled through the air, and landed in the distant third soldier’s chest. The man paused, and dropped to his knees, having had his heart pierced. He then fell over on to his right side.

The Sheshka hit the man before Bob's tentacled him with his genticles. But the second man was struck very swiftly with the needle. At the end of it, the three soldiers who had been beating Lukina lay on the ground dead.

Creature was like a blur. He tossed Lukina's rifle to her, and began stripping off the armor he was wearing. He reached under Bob and started grabbing his and Lukina's gear. "Come on fat ass move your fucking danglers. Gotta hurry this shit show up."

The half-elf caught her rifle. And moved quickly to retrieve her clothing, pulling on the bodysuit quickly over her boots and quickly engaging the magnetic fields to more quickly put on her body armor, tucking her BFR into its drop holster and pulled on her helmet. She patted Creature on the shoulder and engaged her active camouflage system, fading from sight.

"Should I try and hypnotize the sleeping ones or something? What are we even doing?" Bob's voice sounded in their minds. Checking its rifle, the sutakame continued to puppet the corpse about as it looked around.

"Find Thad. Find the quartermaster. Kill any soldiers that get in the way."

"Fuck that." Creature said coldly as he clipped his own armor back onto him. "We kill all of them." Creature once having re-equipped himself, grabbed his shield and drew his pistol. "We aren't waging war tonight. If you can't handle that squid dick, then you may want to leave. Sound good to you Lukes?"

"Let's go. We can't save those caged birds if these guys live." Lukina moved away from the others and started running thermal and bio-scans of the tents around them to get a proper idea of how many they would have to take down.

"Wait, we were supposed to find out stuff! Weren't we?" the incognito tentacle monster exclaimed.

"Better hurry then, we can do both," the half-elf replied.

"Shoot, there's gotta be an officer around here somewhere," Bob looked about. Tentacles slithering out of its arms, it quickly sprayed adhesive over the hands of the man it had stung and knocked out before making its next move. Going over to the tents, it looked for someone - anyone - that looked like they were high ranking. Bob needed to hypnotize and brainwash that person, or else this whole thing was all for nothing!

Creature advanced to the tent entrance and held, scanning the interior. His tail flicked. "Okay how the fuck do y'all want to do this?"

"Mind rape, murder, repeat," she suggested as she scanned the tent. "We'd cover more ground if we split up but it's better to not to against unknown numbers. Less noise with edged weapons."

"Alright, let's get this over with," Bob sighed over their minds. The sutakame walked the corpse over to a tent where the other two were waiting, and made its move. With one hand opening the flap, the other sprouted forth a forest of eyed lengths like some cosmic horror. Gazing into the interior, locking eyes with eyes, it spoke. "OBEY."

Bob found, that the tent was similar to a warren. There was a pause, however he did get a reaction from the men sleeping. Bob heard a few mumbled sleepy voices rumble back in response. Yet it appeared that the people in this tent were resting, and did not desire to awake from their exhaustion.

Creature holstered his pistol and drew out his Sheshka. Like a panther Creature crept into the the tent and advanced in silence. The interior of the tent smelled of sweat, body fluids and hot salty food. The air was thick and smoky and seemed to stick to the skin on entrance. Creature normally would have found this environment quite comfortable. Immediately, Lukina would see four men sleeping in pallets on the floor. Creature drew up to one of them, and slowly dropped his blade down into one of their throats. It was then a hand suddenly shot up at Creature.

Maintaining her stealth systems, Lukina drew a long, thin knife and advanced on the man that was sleeping closest to her and forcibly plunged the blade into his throat with one hand and pressed the other hard over his mouth to muffle the possibly of a death noise.

"Oh, come on, seriously?!" the sutakame whined. Snapping its tentacles out, it immediately made to grab the remaining two, wrapping its lengths around their necks to silence them. "This time, THIS TIME!" it went to rape their minds.

Creature swiped his blade lopping the hand off, causing a sharp shriek. But it was muffled as Creature drove his sword down. It was one of the captured women who had the misfortune of startling him. When he realized her error, he knelt down and pulled in close to her. He spoke in a hushed tone. The panicking woman calmed as Creature silently finished her off. Lukina, culled the man. He tensed up briefly and his eyes shot open, and Lukina saw a mixture of fear and rage, but by that time it was already too late. Bob, who was designed for killing had even less of a problem.

The men woke up but the tentacles around their necks kept them from screaming. Choking, Bob found himself starting to enter their skulls.

"OBEY ME," it howled into their minds, staring them in the eyes.

Lukina wiped the blood from her blade on the dead man's shirt. Stepping away from her victim as the man gurgled his last few moments, choking on his own blood. She regarded the still form of the woman for a moment before she searched the tent.

Creature looked at what Bob was doing and scowled from under his helmet. "Fucking kill them." He commanded. "We don't have time for this mind fuck shit." He whispered as he moved over to the next part of the Tent.

Lukina on the other hand looked into the adjacent room, and found a cage on the floor in it. A set of platinum teeth flashed at her. A plump robed figure sat in the cage and held up a peach colored taloned hand, with three fingers. The talons were enameled with gold. "'Tis one of the beauties. Have you come to rescue poor Pogo from his unlawful imprisonment? Pogo...can not see you, but I smell the beauty. It is covered in blood. But still beauty."

It was another Gartagen.

Lukina gripped her knife. She spoke quietly, "Do you know who is providing these people weapons?"

"Pogo knows. But Poor Pogo is uncomfortable in this cage. The angry men threaten to kill poor Pogo. Pogo wishes to no longer be caged. If you can deliver Pogo from these....barbarians. Pogo will give the beauty the knowledges she desires. Yes." He said, his platinum teeth shimmering at Lukina from behind the shroud of darkness.

"If I free you, you will stay out of my way while I kill these men and give me the information, yes?" she kept her voice low as she checked the room for any others before advancing on the cage.

"Pogo will wait here. You do what you must do my love. Free Pogo and Pogo will tell you what you desire to know." The portly Gartagen said hiding his hand back in his robes.

"Creature, do you know this fat thing called Pogo?" She slowly edged into the room, circling the cage to check it for traps.

"Pgoo? Yea. He fucks Sasha out on 188605." Creature responded back to Lukina. "Why the piss are you asking me about him right now?"

"He's in this cage. He wants out and says he has information." Lukina eyed the lock on the cage. She could easily break it.

"I have a better idea." Looking at the two it enthralled, it ordered them about. "You two. Let the Gartagen out, and take his place. Lock yourselves in, and hand him the key." Gesturing with a puppet controlled hand, it gestured for the man to get out. "Just sit outside the cage and wait. But don't sit too close - their hypnosis may wear off," Bob warned Pogo.

"I'm uhhh kind of busy right now..." Creature said as a loud crash suddenly filled the tent from where Creature was located.

Pogo kind of perked up. "Pogo, is safe in the cage. Plus if they kill you Pogo will still be safe in the cage. If not they will kill poor Pogo. Plus you should kill these two. Pogo is fine for the moment."

There was the shout of a man screaming in a strain, then another crash and shattering.

"Fine, I'll restrain them myself then." Turning towards the two thralls, tentacles burst out of one of the hands again as green goop sprayed onto their hands and feet. In an instant, they were bound. "Alright, next ten - oh, he's already at it," the sutakame sighed in their minds. Following Creature in, he made to grab and silence as many of the Black Army soldiers as he could.

One of the blades slide free from the sheath of her power armor and Lukina sliced the lock of the cage. "Ssh, Pogo dead if they hear Pogo," she hissed as she hurried back to the other part of the tent to assist in the crowd control.

"Okay tent is clear." Creature called out in his normal voice. "I'd advise not coming in here if you are squeamish. I shoved one of the guy's heads up the other guy's ass. Kind of fucking funny, but messier than I thought it would be." Creature said to Bob who entered. From the looks of it there were seven men in this large room sleeping. Creature had managed to kill most of them before they woke up. But he had in fact, done to the two who attacked him just what he said.

Pogo hesitated, but stepped out of the cage. "Is it safe for Pogo to come out?"

"Talk quickly, have more men to bleed," Lukina said quietly. "Bob, Pogo." She walked through the carnage, making sure to not step in a puddle that would give her away. She looked for another room.

"But he's cooperatinnnnng!" Both Lukina and Creature were perhaps the first people in existence to hear a sutakame whine. "We don't know if any of the soldiers know stuff that's important, and they're just being killed!" he pointed out in frustration.

"So we think. We rescued the Black King in the raid before." she stalked to the other side of the tent, scanning for more of the enemy.

Creature soon crept back into the tent to hear the commotion. Pogo hissed at him "Sonda!" He said with his smooth silken voice.

"Fuck you." Creature said raising his pistol at the portly Gartagen. "Slimy piece of shit. What the fuck are you even doing here? Selling weapons to the Black Army?!"

Pogo shook his head no. "Pogo was relaxing at Inn, Black army showed up and captured Pogo. Wanted to sell Pogo to slavers when Pogo refused cooperation. Then Pogo has to get rescued by thissss....hideous thing." He said fluttering his platinum encrusted talons at Creature.

The click of the hammer of the BFR being drawn back behind Pogo's head was audible. "Don't care. Who is selling them weapons? Talk more about that or Pogo lose head," her voice was calm, low and she was still invisible.

"Pogo came here to find this very thing out." He said seemingly un-fluttered or worried about the fact he had a gun to his head. "You see. Pogo sells guns. That sounds like one of Pogo's guns from 188605. So Pogo came to Piyapon to sell. There is war. War make Pogo rich. But Pogo found he had competition. So Pogo began looking into this competition. Pogo did not find much. Only a single word Pogo does not understand. PACT."

"UGH. HELLO. I AM HERE. REMEMBER?" flat, baritone notes played in their minds. Waltzing back over, the corpse slapped Creature's gun aside. "Stahp it," the sutakame began to regain some of its composure. "Just let me do this." Turning to Pogo, it looked at the merchant dead in the eyes with its own. "ANSWER QUESTIONS TRUTHFULLY."

"Yeah, yeah, you floating bag of dicks. Do your creepy fucking rape shit." Creature said. "Shove your tentacle up its ass and figure it out already."

Lukina reholstered the BFR as Bob took over questioning. "There were 3 more tents."

"Yea no shit. We still need to find the fucking Quarter Master. Plus Pogo isn't with these guys. Generally people in a fucking cage aren't in anybody's good graces. Like that is how you found him right?" Creature said looking between Bob and Lukina.

"I know that name, we need to keep moving. Find another source to verify unless this satisfies you, Asshole." Lukina scowled behind her visor. "Bresal, can you work with PACT? ONI might not know."

At first, the redheaded elf got nothing but silence, but that deep, suit filtered voice spoke again. "The PACT interacts with ONI," it explained. "I suggest you interrogate the source nearby thoroughly, as I will not give you all the answers."

Pogo steepled his platinum Talons. "The Quarter Master? The Kowloonian with the black scalp hair. Pogo has seen him. He is in the tent on the far side of camp."

"Phew. Thank goodness we didn't start over there first," Bob remarked, pulling the strings on its corpse puppet so that it pretended to wipe its brow. "Let's get to it then," thesutakamevurthyar began, walking over to the target.

The trio would move outside and find the tent Pogo spoke of. It had crates and dollies surrounding it, and the tent flap was closed. Creature went in first, lifting the tent flap slowly. Allowing Lukina to peer inside of the tent. Lukina would see weapons were organized in the tent. In the back was a cot, and a black scalped Kowloonian man was in the bed sleeping soundly. Next to him was another of the women, curled up next to him.

Creature then entered, and a few moments later the Kowloonian was hustled out of the tent and shoved to the ground. Creature stood behind him with his pistol at the back of his skull. "All yours."

The man was trembling, and looked around groggily not sure what was happening. "W-what? What is this about?" He asked sounding quite scared.

Creature spoke sharply. "Where the fuck are you getting your weapons?"

The man stammered. "What?!"

Creature then bashed him in the back of the head. "Wrong fucking answer."

"I suggest you reach out to Belinda Blake." Lukina replied as she stalked to the opposite side of the man.

"I lead horses to water, not force it down their throats," Bresal remarked with some annoyance.

"I am an assassin not an interrogator," she retorted. Her eyes scanned the room, taking an accounting of the inventory.

"That is where Bob fits in," the alien flatly replied over the radio. "Do not forget to use him," it warned.

The man shrieked at the hit. Blood streamed out of his head, and he clutched the fresh wound. Pogo stood watching the scene in silence. He nodded his head at Creature's methods. "A bit less....on the beating. They can not remember much if you bludgeon their brains out...."

"Ah, what are you doing? I'm the interrogator, remember? The creepy alien's even telling you RIGHT NOW!" Bob's voice 'cracked' in shock. As the corpse's feet came off the ground, it floated over to where Creature was and slapped him with a limp, dead arm like it was a giant water noodle. "MOVE!" it shoved the Gartagen aside. Turning to the armory master, another tentacle thrust out of the dead body. "WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR WEAPONS?" the sutakame demanded.

Lukina let the men handle the Kowloonian as she investigated the weapons in the armory. As she was searching for something however, Bresal spoke again.

"I will use the name then. I suppose," the baritone voiced alien grumbled over their comms. "You putting the pieces of the puzzle together is enough a prerequisite."

Creature shoved back "Bitch, you took your sweet ass time. I was about to shoot his fucking toes off."

The Kowloonian looked up in horror at the Suta hovering over him. "I-I-I-I....we pick it up through dead drops. Crates are delivered at predetermined locations. We don't even know their names. They don't even charge us for delivery. We never even see each other. When they make the drops we are not even there. The Black King worked out those details, he knows everything. I just do what I'm told!"

Lukina scoured through the supply tent. She found various weapons and armor suits. Much of it cobbled together. Basic metals, armors. Then the rifles and armors. But the higher end material she had been sent here to acquire was not currently present. She had also not seen any of the other members of the Black army, besides the officers wielding such weapons as the Black King.

"Clumsy. Careless. Mediocre," Bresal grumbled with anger. "Should you draw forth my kin, I will destroy them," it resolved, fuming.

Bresal would hear Creature "No you won't, you aren't allowed to fight anything, remember, asshole?" A long, sour hiss filtered through the comms - Creature hit the alien where it hurt.

"When is the next drop? Where?" The soft voice asked from behind, dissatisfied by the results of her search of the armory. "Quickly," she insisted.

"I don't know. We get told by the Black King directly when and where!" The Quartermaster said still clutching his bashed head.

Creature shifted a kick to the man. "Where the fuck are you getting all these people from?! I know you steal them, but you aren't training them here. That's fucking obvious asshole!"

"The Heise Blackcoats! They still hold the Prime Minister! They are providing the people and equipment!" the Quartermaster whimpered, holding his hands up.

"Wow. He's just spilling everything," Bob remarked, amazed at how effective this was. Looking at Lukina and Creature, he asked, "Is he talking about that one lady? The really hot one with the purple hair? From the WC?"

Creature patted Bob's carapace. "Yea. If a fucking tentacle fuck monster was hovering over me I'd just spill it too. You are fucking good at this." Creature then paused. Heard Bob. His mouth dropped open. That hair. Prime Minister. That ass. Her kid. The conversation with naked Lukina about the two. "You mean Ayana, you little mother fucker! WHAT ELSE DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HER?!" Creature this time stomped the man on the back of his knee shattering it with his powerful Gartagen legs.

"They are still ALIVE! I.. I don't know where!" He squealed in agony.

"You recorded that?" Creature said looking to Lukina.

"Yes. Let's clear the camp," the half-elf replied, stepping away from the Quartermaster.

"Bob you uh. Wanna fuck this guy or can I do him already?" Creature said, asking Bob. A towering figure overshadowed them all.

"Mine." As quickly as it appeared, it vanished from sight with a beat of a great drum, the armory master gone along with it. "Lady Bhelith will be pleased," it spoke to them over their radios.

"Asshole." Creature said, holstering his pistol. "Alright. Let's clear the camp and get the fuck out of here. "I am gonna fuck that little shit up."

Creature then pulled his rifle out, and hooked up the grenade launcher. He dropped a grenade into the north side tent. The tent exploded. "Destroy it all."

"Wait, we still don't know where Thad is at!" Turning the corpse over at the two men it captured, Bob asked them, "Where's that big guy from Azalea Company? Thad?"

Pogo spoke up. "They moved him. Pogo watched. Handsome fellow. They sent a man for the sexy time. They were going to sell him for money to Vice slavers. With his looks he'd be good for sexy time. Would be a good life for him Pogo thinks..."

"Free the women," Lukina said pointedly to Pogo. "And stay out of the way or die."

"Yes. Pogo will do this." The portly Gartagen sauntered over to the caged woman and began cooing and speaking to them. He quietly and daftly picked the lock on the wooden cage.

Creature huffed. He began pacing. He was furious now.

Lukina placed a hand on Creature's shoulder before she moved past him with her stealth systems still active. "Come on then."

It calmed him momentarily. "It is all just one big cluster fuck. This side doing this, one side doing that in the mean time we are sitting here burying the fucking dead. Also that Pogo guy is alright he is just mad at me because his girlfriend fucked me one night. But I didn't even know they were dating. If Ayana is still alive somebody has to fucking find her. Somebody needs to fucking know."

"We've sent someone to find her," Lukina spoke softly.

"Well. We just learned we are up against three or four different parties. This war just got fucking bigger," the Gartagen growled.

"Oh boy. And here I was hoping this was all going to be a quick Purge on the weekends," Bob remarked. Tentacles reaching out of the backpack, the sutakame brought all three of its rifles to bear and began hosing down the other tents.

"Nope. Looks like you are fucking moving in with us baconater. Fucking fat ass," Creature stated.

"Well, I just hope Ayumu doesn't get worried," Bob remarked, brass cases raining down from its rifles.
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