1-09: The Rescue of Kolatheri

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1-09: The Rescue of Kolatheri

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The Creature will always come back for his Cubs
Black Army Camp/Forest

Creature was already trudging down the road upon hearing the news of what had happened. The members of the team that had not been captured would see him marching alone.

"Fucking." He said half whispering.

"N-no." He said smacking his head. His amber eye was wide, but dull. Cold and distant as if he was not there. "S-she knew." He said speaking to himself. "S-she wanted this." He said nervously. Slowly walking. "Fuck. Fucking."

"Fuck you! Shut up! DON’T YOUR BRING UP HILDA!" He howled, his voice growing high and desperate. "Hilda would be oh fucking kay with it. She'd have it under control! But---"

Creature gasped, pulling out his PDA and smacking it. It began pinging. "O-okay." As he did this he fumbled in his leather bag, pulling out a heavy duty hypospanner. On it was bright red Sharani script, in a yellow circle. While holding the PDA, he stuck the hypospanner to his throat, and the clear fluid in the chamber emptied into his body.

Thaddeaus cruised down the road at high speed on the ATV he stole, Mizuki behind him, holding on with one arm as she kept an eye out for possible hostiles. As he came over a hill he could see Creature in the distance. He put his head down and pushed forward, prepared to accept whatever fate would be handed out for allowing for Valériane to be captured.

Lukina followed the group's retreat towards the meeting point. She kept to the trees and remained hidden, keeping an eye out for any stragglers that might have been pursuing. After several minutes of nothing, she was satisfied that the enemy had run off with their prize. It occurred to her to finally speak into her headset. "No shadows, should be clear back to the rally point, over."

Creature paused and discarded the empty syringe. He did not even so much as look at what was left of the team. He just looked at his PDA. "Uhhh. Okay. Return to fucking base camp. Mission failed." He said softly, distracted by the PDA and its high-pitched pinging, and whatever it was that he had just put into his body. "Good try. Hot meals are being made and I gave the camp my chest of Ginger beers." He mumbled.

Creature then did an abrupt 90-degree turn on his feet and walked off the road straight towards the woods, which were now shifting from their day time verdant beauty, to a haunting glow from inside. Bioluminescent night time fauna had come out, and the insects were joining. The noises coming from the woods were wild, and soft. A cacophony of mating sounds from millions of different species of animal all vying for their right to reproduce. He paused. "Uh. If I don't come back...do what the Viscountess says, or you know. Go the fuck home." He then continued, quickening his pace.

"Where are you going?" Mizuki asked, looking after him in annoyance. Yeah, sure, he'd lost his highly-fuckable second in command, but it had been her orders that had led to her capture. At least in her eyes. Whoever was at fault though, their commander should not have been leaving at a time like this. "We need to get a better plan together. Halo jump, bribe a spacecraft to do some orbital bombardment, something!"

"I am going to get my squire!" Creature roared, nearly turning about and striking Mizuki. "Not enough time or fucking money. Last plan failed. Best strategy I got is direct fucking insertion into the enemy strong hold. Which is 4 clicks this way." Creature said, looking at his PDA. "Fuck sticks were right under our noses the whole time. So, get back to Azalea Camp, go rest, get fucking laid. You did your part. Before anybody fucking says it, yeah, I am sure she screwed up. We all have done that. It doesn't fucking matter," He said breaking into a run through the brush.

Thad pulled the ATV to the side of the road and watched as Creature walked towards the woods. He grabbed his chest, still wounded from the gun shot from before but knew what had to be done. He turned and spoke to Mizuki. "The heck is he doing... you don't think he is going after her on his own do you?"

"If there's one thing that Creature doesn't do often," Mizuki said, shaking her head, "Is lie about what he's doing." Ehh, maybe. Haven't known him for too long, she thought. Seems like he's running off thought.

"Ser Creature." Lukina spoke from behind the Gartagen, "You need the after action report before we head after her." Her young voice carried behind him, echoing softly on her headset. "It doesn't have to be another shit show."

Creature was moving swiftly through the brush, nimbly. Enough so that the highly trained elf would have to respect it. Though, he was more brutish, and made more noise than an elf would have. Creature suddenly paused, perching on a fallen log in the woods. He pulled out an inhaler and puffed it, tossing the spent item into the bag. "Yeah. You are fucking right, footman. But I am not here doing Azalea company business. I am not on a fucking mission, I am not using ranks, or making a battle plan. I am going to murder these fucking people. I am going to make them fucking scared, just like they have done me, the Viscountess and every other person in this pisshole of a fucking province. If you aren't with that then go back to the camp." He said with a sharp stab to his words at Lukina.

The half-elf made a point to make just enough noise to let Creature know she was on the log with him. "You still need the information to make it hurt." She deactivated her stealthsuit and pulled off the black hood. Her face was damp with sweat and her red hair was a mess. Bright green eyes stared at him and reflected the bioluminescence around them.

Thaddeaus kept pace behind Creature has they moved into the woods. He saw him stop and take a hit from an inhaler. He had heard his words, that this was not a mission, in his words this was personal. Thad noticed a moment later, Lukina who he only briefly seen was near him. Thad made no reply but figured Creature would sense that the others were behind him.

Creature was moving once again, cutting through the brush. The half-elf would hear his dual hearts pushing the blood through his body like a turbine, heavy elongated breaths. If a tree branch got in his way he crashed through it. Until he hit another stopping point to check the PDA.

"None of you need to come. I figure it's maybe a hundred or so. Raider's, Guerillas. They probably are fucking active during the morning and dusk hours, and pull in during the day and night, or fan out. I am going to crash into their camp. and kill as many of them as I fucking can." He said adjusting the heavy shield he had across his back, as well as that sword of his. His eye was burning brightly, and intensely now. "I need to fucking meet them, and they need to fucking know me. Also. I've done this before. So, if you can't do it, then you can't do it. But this is not going to be a fucking battle." He snarled.

Thad was close enough to hear him share there was no need for them to come. He spoke up in a firm voice. "Don't have to ask for me to do the right thing. Valériane is too high class to be left in keep of those blood sucking parasites."

"Or just left, period," Mizuki said, keeping to the side and just behind Thad. "Not to mention I don't like leaving a job undone."

Creature looked at Thaddeus and Mizuki who were trailing behind him. "I never forced any of you to be here. You are your own people and may come and go as you fucking wish. But I gotta go answer for my shit. Her fuck up is my fucking fuck up." He said sucking in more air. Then he was off, pushing through the woods.

"There's a faster way through," Lukina offered. "And they are going to shoot your ass, Ser Creature, with the amount of noise you are making. That PDA map is shit and you know it." She followed, easily keeping pace and making almost no noise. "You want her back alive, or in pieces?"

"It isn’t a map." He said as he paused once more, he then showed the screen of the PDA, which it simple. There was a yellow arrow, and it was pinging what direction Valériane was in, and how far away. "I injected her with some of my nanite colony. My fucking people were good at shit like genetic engineering, but real fucking good with nuclear medicine and fucking stupid space scanning shit. So, the nanites give off a gestalt fucking techno babbling goddamn field that lets you home in on them if you ever need to locate one of me." Creature said.

"Plus, they probably have look outs watching those easy fucking paths. They have been in this shit region for months probably. I want her fucking back of course" He added waiting for Lukina to state herself to him. As he did he paused and walked over to Thaddeus who was looking pale, and pained. Creature reached into his leather satchel, He pulled out a terrible looking rusty horse needle and syringe, and slammed it into Thaddeus' collar bone area. He then injected it. "Fucking healing nanos if you are coming I don't need you dying or whatever. Fucking carrying your corpse back is not some shit I feel like doing. Uhhh. Sorry for the side effects...."

A smile grin crossed Thad's face. While the failure of the mission was heavy on his mind. Being able to track those bastards back to their base camp was far too good. His eyes lit up as Creature stabbed the needle into him. "Ahhhhh, fuck... damn, warn a fellow before you go sticking things in places." He said as he reached up to rub his collar bone. "Uh... side effects," he said as his words trailed off. He felt a little better so figured worry about that another day.

Thaddeus would, moments after the injection was finished feel a cold tingling in his wound. He would also feel his senses sharpen somewhat, and his sex drive vanish, considering he had Mizuki resting against him, this absent feeling was very apparent.

The half-elf was beside the larger Creature. She tapped something on her wrist and a volumeric map of the region popped up. "They were headed off on ATVs, so they had to clear something of a path for their camp. We could go the overland route through the trees to the camp or follow the river." Lukina pointed to the terrain map, indicating that there were areas where they could hide. "Look, Ser Creature."

He looked at the map. Then compared it to his PDA. "It’s just in the middle of the forest. Not near a lake, or rocky grouping. Out in the open shielded by trees and the thick fucking bio readings. Like fucking fleas or lice." He said observing. "Only way the Empress could even help would be to set the entire province on fire from orbit. But she'd ruin her reputation if she did that."

"Trees are easy. Since they can't see me, I can cause a diversion. I still have airbursts left and I can get in and break their shit so you can come in and murder them from behind," Lukina offered. "That ogre is concerning but he's the one that took her." She frowned but she was hopeful.

Creature shook his head. "No. Are you worth a shit with that rifle?" Creature asked. "If so I want you to hang back and cover the exits of their camp. Anybody runs out, I want you to maim them. Not kill, maim. Make them a fucking liability. Ogre? Was he giving orders and shit?"

Thad spoke up, "Aye, was the one barking orders and seemed to act like he knew what was going on."

"I won't break my arm talking my people up. Most of them are sanctimonious assholes concerned with dipshit honor and old school crap. BUT. They did well against those fucking rape squids. Why is that? Tai Pan lost billions, the fucking Alliance did the same. My people? Not so much, and we committed a lot to that fight. Well, my people tend to go after the commander. Raises moral, and surprised the enemy when a Gartagen officer jumps their own and lops his or her fucking head off. So that’s what I am doing. Straight for the fucking leader, Then I am going to cut his fucking hands off, and any other body part, and feed ‘em to Onikuma." He then looked at Lukina. "If he gets me, level the camp with those airburst grenades." He said with a nod.

The half-elf raised a curious brow at the plan, but at least it was a better one than before. "All right. I suggest making to steal some of the ATVs for a faster retreat. But I can manage. These are not those rape squids." Her gaze shifted to the others. "What about them, Ser Creature?"

"Like I said. I am going to murder them. All of them. Every fucking one. Then I am going to piss on their corpses, and possibly rub my perfectly average sized wiener on the face of that fucking Ogre."

Thaddeaus pulled on the belt he had across his chest. It was covered with grenades, gifts from those who died in the last battle. He had at least 10 on his person cause fuck them and those damn grenades. "Got it boss, will bring down the fire and fury unlike this world has ever seen." He said with a smile.

"Find the nearest machine gun and light them up so they can be seen from orbit," Mizuki said, cracking her knuckles in anticipation.

"I meant with the rest of our team, Ser Creature." Lukina gestured to the others. "Massacre is all well and good but we should coordinate to maximize the body count."

"Alright. We will do it your way." Creature said not even panting from his near constant sprint. He then. "Lay the camp down with your air burst. The boss is mine."

Creature then dashed through the woods. Lukina guided the group through the forest, sticking to the parts of the path that was not lit by the bioluminescence, keeping the group in shadow as they moved. They had the cover of thick fallen trees and dense brush. She led the way through the brush so that the others were not impeded by the wildness and so their footsteps pressed against soft lichen and forest moss rather than dry leaves.

The more dangerous of the native plants were easy enough to circumvent but as they rapidly approached the camp, behind these man-eating plants was the best place to hide. The enemy camp having long learned their lesson to not stand near the aptly named, "angry molesting tree". Once they saw the lights of the camp, the half-elf tugged her hood back over her face, her youthful features disappearing behind the black fabric. Her voice was low, "When you break cover go to the far left of this plant or find out why it's an angry molesting tree."

She tapped something on her wrist and blinked out of existence again. "Give me 2 minutes, when it goes off, rush in and murder hobo."

Creature following Lukina's instructions for this advance hopped up on a tree, and moved across the branch. Then he leapt off to another one, then another. Until he was looming over the encampment's largest tent. The Half elf had no issues seeing. It was then Creature noticed the strange black skinned alien tied to a post across the camp, its battered body un moving. He could see Valériane's clothes and gear laying on the ground. Then he saw that little elf girl everybody had mentioned on the radio. Creature, waited about a minute and fifty-nine seconds then grabbed his heavy shield, and drew his sword. Lukina saw Creature leapt off the branch and down, his sword switched on and hummed softly, making a mild blue glow. He cut a slit in the tent and vanished.

"Fuck," Mizuki muttered as Creature went off a killing. "So much for two minutes." Keeping her rifle slung for the moment, she pulled her knife out and made her way to the ground. Keeping to the shadows, she crept along and readied to cover the crazy Gart.

Lukina had found her perch above them and loaded her under barrel mount with an airburst grenade. She picked detonation spot for dead center of the camp, away from the scattered clothing and possible prisoners. She launched the airburst grenade into the middle of the camp. Here we go.

Mizuki on the ground heard a shriek. Then it abruptly ended with a hiss and then there was another yell for help. "HOLY FUCK!" another man yelled. A gun shot. More of the hissing cuts from Creature's strange alien sword. One of the soldiers flopped out of the tent wearing nothing but his underpants, and began crawling several meters. A second dashed out, and the guards on the perimeter of the camp were suddenly facing in. Lukina could see them, with her NVG's glowing like green blobs. Mizuki, could hear them and their weapons rattling as they tried to figure out what is going on.

The Air burst grenade landed in the middle of the retreating men, and detonated. The men flew in all directions and limply flopped about having had their insides liquified by the attack. The guards on the perimeter facing Lukina promptly open fired fire into the trees. It was blind and panicked, but enough to get the attention of the half-elf.

"Oh Chiharu!! No! NO!" Another scream was cut short. More of the men were flooding out of the tent, wearing their sleeping rigs, and looking like they had just seen a ghost. Soon, an alarm began blaring out across the camp. They had finally realized they were under attack.

Esaria sat in the cage, clutching her head as everything exploded around her, the sounds of attack clear. She didn't even have a shirt on!

Lukina pressed against the tree branch as she started targeting the guards with the Showstopper's regular rounds, focusing on their lower center mass as she gently eased the trigger for controlled 3 round bursts under the Shroud. She would have to move soon.

Thaddeaus had slipped down near the camp. He felt extra generous this night and was handing out eggs like the Easter bunny. Only he wasn't wearing a bunny suit and the eggs happen to be high explosive grenades. None the less each tent he tossed them into lite up with excitement and joy. The screams of pain and death was music to his ears.

The electric whirr of the rifle fired off and them thumped. There was a flash of illumination as the round struck its target. The sentry she aimed at stood for a few seconds, then he curled up and fell clutching himself yelling in agony. Lukina, Mizuki and Thaddeus saw the massive armored frame of the Ogre Major who had taken Valériane.

He held the unconscious Valériane by the back of her neck and tossed her out onto the ground. Her back, legs and arms had bright red streaks and split skin from where she had been beaten. A massive cut was streaked across her face, and she had one long thin cut that ran down her torso from her throat and stopped at her pubis bone.

The Ogre was holding a massive double edged battle axe in one of his hands, and his black combat armor glistened in the beautiful sky above them. "Alright. You got my attention. I brought your officer, she is a little tired." He said cheerfully as he strode out of his tent and into plain view. Creature stepped out of his tent, bearing his shield and the blue solid-state laser edge of his sword giving him an almost abyssal look as he advanced. Creature didn't react to the Showstopper as it popped off another round, knocking down another sentry. One of the Sentry's opened up, but Creature pulled his shield up, and the rounds pattered harmlessly off of the hunk of Neutronium, not even leaving a mark. Creature's Amber eye moved to Valériane's broken form.

Creature felt his heart pulsing as he was overwhelmed. The stem he took only seemed to intensify these feelings of helplessness, sad, fear and rage. But it also tapped into his memory. She reminded him much of his first wife from years ago. She lay on the ground broken and beaten, and he stood apart from her unable to change or fix it.

The half-elf moved to a different tree and repeated her cycle of lining up her shot, focusing on the Sentries that were directly targeting Creature, aiming once again for center mass of their hips. She looks bad, Lukina thought to herself. We need to get her treated once we get out of here.

"I got her," Mizuki said over comms, as she crept around the line of tents. "Just deal with that big pile of shit." And hope I don't get tripped over by some idiot, she thought, shaking her head as she pulled her trusty BFR out of its holster.

Thad heard over comms Mizuki call out. He had not seen the person wearing black till this very moment. He seen him standing smug and tall, a shattered body near him. He knew who that was. His eyes caught a glimpse of the elf girl in a cage. He stood there for a moment, his chest tight, fingers twitching. His eyes narrowed and his mind cleared.

He heard motion in the tent he was next too. Thad reached in and pulled the unlucky fellow from the tent. He smashed a grenade into the man's face, pushing his teeth back into his head, tossing him back into the tent while pulling the pin free before walking away. As the explosion lit up the sky behind him, one thought crossed his mind. Either of those girls could have been Mizuki and this image burned into his soul. It was going to be a blood moon tonight.

"You know, I'm actually glad you came," the towering Ogre began, his voice augmented by the sealed helmet's speakers. With Creature's attack, many of the lights were simply knocked out, but one remained behind him, rendering the man a black armored shadow that dominated the scene. "We're going to settle this like real men, or - " he paused to nudge the broken Huoshio with a foot, " - my men will just shoot this fine ass," the muscle bound monster explained, leveling the axe in his hand. "But don't worry, I'll let her live, even if I kill you. See, there's something about the Black Army you and that Hane cocksleeve don't seem to understand."

He fearlessly strode forward to meet Creature, man to man.

"We're here to bring back order to the world, with every man, woman and child right where they belong, doing what they're supposed to do - meant to do - rather than letting everything just rot. That's why we won't stop. Can't be stopped. But, you're a problem for me now." Gravel crunching under his unbearably heavy, powerful footsteps, the Ogre neared, just a few steps away from swinging distance. "You do good work, but you've embarrassed me. Hurt my men. So," the super-soldier smiled under his helmet, "I'm going to have to kill the shit out of you so I don't look bad."

The air quaked in the axe's wake as the massive titan cleaved at Creature, the weapon's momentum already looping it around to strike again.

The Showstopper responded by spitting out another powerful EM shell that briefly illuminated the tree she was standing in. The report only seemed to be that much more intense to the half-elf for the recoil reverberated throughout her body as the sound did in the camp. The soldier she had targeted was hit, and a puff of red mist plumed out of his body. He did not flop over. He dropped to one knee, his black pants growing moist as his body fluids spilled out onto the wooden tower he was manning. He lifted his rifle, and a blue bolt popped. Lukina felt the warmth of the round as it skirted by her cheek.

Mizuki heard the showstopper's report and noticed that the Guards were all ignoring the ground, and focused their fire at the trees. She had little trouble releasing the Elf from her cage, and was able to secure Valériane.

"A bloody sni - GAAAAH!" The man wailed as jerked from the tent. The detonation blew a hole in the swiftly made tent bringing it down. Thaddeus would see a man crawling on the ground trying to escape the carnage. "Please..." A cracking prepubescent voice said, he wasn't a man, just a half grown teen "Please let me go..." He gasped pulling himself away. The boy was wearing only a pair of black boxers, his leg was shattered. "They made me do it..."

Thaddeaus paused for a moment and looked back at the boy, broken on the ground. The boy could see Thad's one eye looking back at him. "You made your decision, no one forced you. You chose to live on your knees instead of dying on your feet. Now go into the light where you shall find salvation." The boy seen Thad start to look away as the muzzle flash from his gunblade split his head between the eyes.

Creature advanced with the grace of a panther as the man spoke in his massive, booming voice. He was bigger, and much heavier. Creature discarded his shield, slamming it into the ground, so that it stood erect. As he heard the man's heavy voice, Creature removed his old service coat. With his bad hand, he dragged it so that it caught air, and laid it on Valériane’s body. Creature approached, gripping his sword with both hands and brought it down behind him and to the left in the long tail stance. When the Ogre moved so did Creature.


Like a viper, the laser sword came up and smacked right into the axe, tossing the blow back. But the momentum from the Ogre did the same thing, which Creature anticipated, and he let the momentum he received throw his sword back into its initial position. Creature then recovered, sending the sword in a right to left wide swing across the Ogre’s thick waist line. The Ogre had strength, but so did Creature.

The round whizzed by her face but did not penetrate the Shroud. Time to move. The half-elf jumped to a neighboring tree and used her hook and line to pull herself up to a higher branch, mindful of her rifle's range. She pressed against the tree, for cover as she saw that she had drawn their fire. One she was securely on a solid branch, she knelt and searched for a new target. The men in the lookout towers were prime targets and she zeroed in and fired the EM rounds at them in clean 3 round bursts for each target.

Mizuki took advantage of the soldiers' confusion and nearly closed the distance to Val, only pausing to see if the two brawlers would get farther away from the Huoshio. Would rather not get cut in half by that axe, thank you very much, she thought.

The crude but sturdy axe hit with the force of a sledge hammer and was difficult to deflect, even for Creature, but that wasn't the end of it. Arrogantly bringing his weapon to bear with just one hand, the weapon swung again, this time, right at the Gartagen's own blade! Before the Ogre's powerful legs brought him leaping back and away, he moved fast like a charging quarterback. Mid-parry, the man's meaty fist came hurtling in like a freight train with a knuckle-sandwich delivery with Creature's name on it.


Creature felt the force of the blow surge up his arms, the momentum sending his sword back, much like he did to the axe the first time. Reflexively, he raised with the momentum so the blade swiped right through the path of the fist that was coming for his head in a quick, parry move that let him change his stance.

Creature stood with the blade aimed slightly down, but the hilt even with his head in a thrusting stance.

The men in the towers adapted, mostly out of the strong need to want to not be killed. Her rifle illuminated the general area, but her shroud did keep her obscured from a clear aim. One of them dropped, but the other two, while she had aimed dropped down prone in unison, and delivered suppressing fire into her general location. The blue pulses ripping through the tree, and splintering the wood.

Valériane was suddenly woken by the loud clash of weapons nearby. The shouting and explosions. Her exhausted mind and battered body could not even be left alone to the comfort of sleep. But she no longer felt the cold, rather now she felt warmth. The scent of something familiar. Ginger, mint, blood.

Valériane woke up during combat, a brutal headache greeting her return as the noise of explosions and weapon discharges pulled her out of a stupor. A sharp stab of pain greeted her once again. However, more stabs of pain lanced through her naked and dirty form.

The Huoshio looked over at her right hand. The entire appendage had swelled to a painful size, and it hurt to look at, much less to experience. When she rose it up to her face, Valériane winced when it ran over her scars.

Welp, Mizuki thought as she took one last glance around her, no time like the present. She then rushed forward, keeping as much distance from the fight as she could, and quickly kneeled next to Val. "Oh, hey," she said, seeing the other woman was conscious, "Won't ask how you're doing, cause I'm assuming the answer is shit."

A voice greeted her as she attempted to stand up. She turned her head towards the direction of sound, however, her vision was blurry and she could not see. Valériane tried to stand, but her broken hand could not support her weight without triggering another sharp blast of pain.

As the explosion faded, rolling over the canopies of the trees that bordered the camp, all but the fighting was silent for a mere moment. In sudden reply, a bellowing roar bounced between the trees of the forest, coming out and across the compound as if it was the roar of a thousand beasts.

Onikuma, the Great White, emerged like a streak of lightning from the darkness of the forest, as if a ghost or phantom had been called to arms by nature itself. His crimson eyes glowed with a strange mix of hatred and determination, the ground thundering beneath his clawed paws.

Making it to the skirmish in mere seconds from his full sprint, the huge bear opened his maw and roared in primal violence at the nearest foe. "I WILL FUCK YOU, KILL YOU AND EAT YOUR MANGLED CORPSE!" With that, the Xiongren warrior lunged, bringing an arm across in a massive rending swipe.

The Ogre's lightning jab hit Creature in the face with all the force of a man's full cross, disrupting his would-be guard as he stumbled back. But sparks had sprayed into the air like a grind wheel striking metal; the howl of rage coming from the titan of a man said more. Molten metal wept from a long, glowing streak across the vambrace as the stricken spot continued to glow, searing into flesh.

"Cunt! I’ll FUCK YOU UP!" the Ogre bellowed, his axe swinging in from the side in a bestial assault.

"Well, fuck staying around here," Mizuki said as the Xiongren joined in the fray. "Sorry for this, Val," she added, before picking the Huoshio off the ground and putting her over her shoulder in a fire-man's carry. She was about to break for the forest, but paused when she saw Esaria in her cage. Sighing, she said, "I really hope I'm not pushing my luck," then ran for the cage.

Onikuma had in his blood rage leapt up and smashed into one of the Guard towers sending it tumbling to the ground. It crashed into kindling beneath his powerful onslaught. The man that was in it struggled to climb out of the debris, but shrieked at the roaring Great White. He pulled his rifle up and began frantically firing into the massive Xiongren.

Creature stumbled from the force of the hit but quickly recovered, stepping back up to the Ogre. He dropped his sword down low, switching his stance to the fool. The axe came and Creature took a step back, the blade cleaving across his chest plate with a loud scrape. Creature responded by stepping forward and sending powerful upward slash into the Ogre, aimed at opening up the Ogre's forward weight bearing leg, axe holding forearm, and his torso. The armor the man wore seemed to have issues with the laser edge of the Gift - Creature's blade. Of course, such a weapon had a disadvantage - it sealed the wound so the foe was not likely to bleed out.

Thaddeaus slid across the ground to meet up with Mizuki. He noticed her run and grabbed up Valériane. He gave a soft smile towards Mizuki as he came to a stop by the cage. His eyes looked over the girl in the cage. Thad noticed they rigged the door so took his blade and wedged it on the hinge side of the door. He pulled hard a few times but the hinges were no match for his Ogre might. With the sound of breaking metal, the door broke free and opened. He unhooked his cape and tossed it around as he reached inside the cage. Despite the awful state of things, he still managed to keep his charm about him. He reached his hand into the cage. "Come on, take my hand and let’s get out of this place." He said in a light voice to the elf girl.

Wood cracking and splintering under his weight as Onikuma's shoulder ploughed into it, the Xiongren continued his momentum forwards as the enemy soldier crumpled under the beams and shrapnel. Thundering towards the man, his bullets pinged off the Sergeant's plate armor, ricocheting off into the forest. The Great White simply ran the enemy down, charging over his prone and immobile form, letting his claws do the work with his eyes darting around for comrades or foes.

The elf did not give any reply at all to Thad. He pushed the door up more and half crawled inside and picked her up. He did well to wrap his long cloak around her. Slowly back out of the cage with her in his arms. Standing up carrying her princess style. "You’re safe now, we are going home." He said softly to her. He looked over to Mizuki. "Let’s move, we got what we came here for." He looked back at the fight between Creature and the black knight. "Make him pay," he said under his breath.

The half-elf sniper inwardly cursed as the guards in the tower ducked. She had to go higher to properly sight them but she had an idea. She carefully rose to her feet and ran the length of the branch to leap onto a new tree. She pulled a particular type of grenade from her hidden pouches and loaded it into her grenade launcher, sighting the tower and firing. "Stand clear of the tower and don't breathe," a girlish voice commented, the Azalea company's communications' link crackling with the explosion of the launched grenade.

Mizuki nodded to Thad and after shifting the Huoshio a little, she broke for the forest, making sure to keep as far away from the half-elf's tower as possible. "Hold your breath if you can, Val," she said, keeping the rest of her breath to run as fast as possible.

Thad followed behind Mizuki as they left this dreaded camp. As he ran he felt Esaria had either passed out or fallen asleep. He pulled her closer to himself, at least she would not be stuck in that nightmare.

The guard the Gartagen used hoped to lure foes into a predictable attack and counter, but the raging giant had seemed to toss caution to the wind as his blood boiled with rage. Barely contained by his helmet, the bestial roar of the man seemed to shake their bones as he swung, again and again at the smaller Creature. Sparks and flecks of molten metal flew into the air as the laser sword struck the Black Army commander, over and over, partially cutting through or scorching the flesh underneath.

But Creature was no better off. The axe was a brutal cudgel against his own armor plate, the bone breaking force of the blows all focused down into a narrow edge. Being beaten and battered about, the Gartagen was already feeling like he was coming apart at the seams.

Creature didn't feel shit. He had taken a combat stim prior to his rescue operation. So the Ogre was experiencing something he probably had never seen. But mostly Creature had preemptively flooded his system with a heavy duty combat stim to ensure he would not go down easily or tire. The blows the Ogre landed would send the Gartagen back, or knock him around, but Creature always rushed right back to it. He would clash, and parry, dodge, and be struck, but he never tired or slowed down. If anything he seemed to be firing up, hitting harder, and moving faster.

The Ogre landed a blow square on the Gartagen's chest plate with all of his might, and it sent Creature staggering back. A savage gaping spit had been cleaved in the brigand Creature wore, the slick deep crimson of Gartagen blood came seeping out. But it was like hitting solid Neutro. Creature's bones resisted blows. What should have been a reprieve was another counter attack. A flurry of swings from Creature's great energy sword came directly at the Ogre. "You hit like a bitch." Creature grunted as he continued his onslaught. The swings were very simple, fast hard to block chopping motions that Creature was delivering in a crisscrossing motion, that was almost hypnotic to behold.

The grenade popped loudly, but it did not detonate. It released a plume of pink smoke that and a girlish scream split the air as the Guard realized what had been used against him...

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!" Where Creature had clinically shot up before their fight, the Ogre's body jacked itself up on its own juice, its adrenal glands practically squeezed themselves dry like a pair of limes being crushed. Dumped straight into his bloodstream, the giant man was practically foaming with rage behind his helmet, the vicious axe swings becoming more powerful and erratic. As the two super soldiers literally tore each other apart, piece by piece, splashes of blood and ash by another, the Ogre swung. Coming in low, the back blade of the axe caught Creature by the groin plate and sent him flying a dozen yards away as the laser sword sliced across the giant's waist in return.

"Boss! Boss! Get a grip!" As several of the Black Army rushed forward, the titan's blind, roid-raging swings slowly wound down until he fell to his knees. Gas masks on, the men tried dragging him away as he swatted at them in his stupor. With neither of them able to so much as walk, the fight was over.

The Gartagen warrior was thrown away by his crotch armor. Creature went end over end across the dirt smacking into a tree. He soon regained his bearing and rose back up, and he began pushing forward, his sword still in his hands. He had a notable limp now, and a large gaping cut on his right thigh. The wound should have been bleeding out, but the modifications done to Creature showed in swift clotting, and the fact that he was not dead. Creature did a flourish with his sword, letting the tip scrape the ground so that it sent a shower of sparks over to the Ogre as his men hauled him away. Creature started hobbling faster, his heart pumping like a turbine.

Lukina took a few pot shots with the EM rounds at the Black Army men that she felt were too close to Creature.

Lukina found the men she hit were shot in their backs. The few surviving troops had stopped fighting as soon as Onikima crashed in and started bellowing out. The last of them had moved up and were hauling their leader away from Creature, who was still trying to close the distance. One of them ran through the pink cloud, and promptly sprouted breasts and a new female body. "Oh, SHIT!" She screamed.

Onikuma had torn the down man apart with his great strength and savagery. The armor he had been fitted with around his paws and head were now slick, and his beautiful thick shaggy coat of fur in his front now stained and slick with the blood of his enemy. The smell of the battle was another matter becoming far more noticeable. Head, ozone, blood and body excrement all polluted the site giving it a very pungent and repugnant odor. It sullied the normally tranquil symphony of this forest as the noised caused the bioluminscent fauna to retreat away or into hiding.

Mizuki and Thaddeus would have little issues getting the Elf, and Valériane out of this camp. They would need to load her up on to the ATV and get back to Azalea's camp as soon as possible, but the enemy soldiers were indeed fleeing, and Onikuma's bellowing, roaring and screaming only seemed to make their retreat much more expedient.

The Colossus spotted some of his comrades breaking clear of the engagement, Creature dueling a somewhat beaten Ogre and a whole bunch of limp-spined boys who lay down arms as soon as he had torn their friend apart underfoot. "FLEE OR I'LL PUNCTURE YOUR LUNGS WITH MY FUCKING COCK!" the Xiongren roared, taking inspiration from the leader of Azalea. Then, his eyes happened upon his liege lord - Valériane - that was the final straw. Screw buying time for the others, he wasn't leaving before he ripped someone apart and scattered their entrails to the wind.

Mizuki's heart raced as she ran as fast as she could, past stunned guerrillas and towards the forest they had left just a few minutes ago. "Going to be very happy to get this day over with and sleep later," she said, huffing as she tried to keep pace with the taller Thad.

Thaddeaus was pacing himself as to not pull too far ahead of Mizuki. He trained eyes keeping a watch out for those who might try and stop them. "Aye, we owe each other a nice wash down." He huffed and tried to put on a smile while making way to the forest.

"After," Mizuki gasped as she adjusted Valériane on her shoulder, "Val."

Lukina held her fire as she watched the enemy scatter in retreat. She watched her team's own flight through the scope of her Showstopper, waiting for them to get further away before attempting to follow.

Creature was breathing heavy as he halted his pursuit of the fleeting Ogre. His chest heaved rapidly up and down, and the amount of air he was sucking in was easily heard as a whispering noise through his ruined nose. He turned to the right and began walking on shaky, wounded legs. He reached down where Valériane had been initially laying and grabbed his old leather stash back. Reaching into it he pulled out a small stabber needle and slammed it into his throat. He then placed the object back in the bag. After a moment he was pushing forward a little more normally. "Fucking get her out of here. Let’s go. All of you!" He shouted. He waved his hand up to Lukina giving her a basic signal to fall back to base.

"Way ahead of you," Mizuki said, rolling her eyes as she reached the tree line.

Thad was a few steps ahead and already hitting the tree line. He paused for a moment and looked back at the camp. He seen the enemy fleeing away. "Enjoy this time, we will be back to finish the job." He said under his breath.

The half-elf nodded though the Gartagen could not actually see her and quickly followed after the others, checking behind them as headed back to camp.
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