[Prologues] Episode 1: Chuan Yates

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[Prologues] Episode 1: Chuan Yates

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January 28th, 3017
Battle-cruiser Cameron's Call
Zakkiora System

"We have arrived in system, Admiral Yates", the navigation officer, a fox like anthro recruit in a junior midshipman uniform informed the commander of the 37th expeditionary fleet. This fleet, responsible for expanding the frontier rim ward along with a dozen more, was comprised of a Legion class battle-cruiser, several Indigo class frigates, and over a dozen Invictus class fold-ships loaded with a variety of Fortress and Star Union dropships. Over a thousand souls from more than a dozen planets in the empire. Most of the crew and soldiers were of modified human gene stock. While gene-sculpting was the current trend, a variety of mammalian styled anthropomorphic humanoids, they were accented by a universal constant: the Empire service uniform.

"Scan for hostiles and keep at yellow alert." She ordered to nobody in particular. First of her class at Ice Point, almost five years before, Chuan Yates proved herself an adept bridge officer, both in function as well as politically. The advantages of the exotic as well as the alluring often proved a valuable combination to those who mistook her sensuality for weakness. Chuan often proved them wrong, in a variety of ways. She also angered many of her colleagues, earning both a promotion as well as a banishment to the far edge of the Empire. Commanding an aging Battle-cruiser, with barely half of it's weapon systems operational and the Star Fighter wing more illusion than reality, mostly either hot shot pilots who broke the rules too often or the noble sons and daughters of the Royal houses currently out of favor. The equipment, third rate hand me downs from across the Empire's supply depots. Luckily, her XO was a grizzled old veteran, with more experience crossing the stars than nearly any five spacers. His sin to be posted to this five year mission? Becoming "involved" with an Admiral's eldest daughter. Of course he still kept in contact as much as possible, still a great believer in the romantic ideals of love and devotion. Chuan, her hungers known throughout the fleet, kept order through her prowess and cunning. The last depot she stopped at before folding into the periphery, she was able to exchange her future replacement fighter squadron, slated for god knows when, for an actual fighter squadron of Phantasm multi role gunships, a company of Warmonger battle mecha, and enough supplies to top off her stores of foodstuffs and fill every nook and cranny with all of the depot's spare parts. The price was as expected, and loved by her command; several favors as well as multiple nights with the aged colonel.

"Scans completed, Admiral", the operator responded, snapping the admiral back from her daydream. "Minimal technology signatures from the third planet of this system. Telemetry from the Rollabout and the Landsdown have placed the tech level at level 1 and 2. "Prepare the Drop-ships. Have Colonel Shin Pu meet me in my ready room. It is time to bring these savages into the Imperial fold." With that order, the Admiral marched off, her hips swaying from long practice.

Colonel Shin Pu sat in his command/acceleration chair. While the newer Drop and landing ships in the Empire incorporated artificial gravity technology, His Fortress class drop ship, Heaven's Wrath, was not one of those. Ancient quad ion thrusters propelled the ship towards the inner part of the system from the nadir point above the system's star. Ten thousand displacement tonnes with a variety of mid and small weapon systems dotted the surface of the spherical ship, a figurative fortress for the pacification team to rely on for support.

Over a dozen such ships burned at a comfortable one standard gravity, having to accelerate and decelerate towards the target planet both for the comfort of the crew via artificial produced gravity as well as to make the best possible time. Other ships travelled towards the other asteral bodies, from long range fighers, to a pair of scout corvettes carried inside the Cameron's Call. All stones of value were to be harvested for the Empire, thought the Colonel, even this mudball at the edge of nowhere.

Taking a long orbital pass, the Heaven's Wrath took some long scans of the planet, feeding the data into a holotank, a virtual three dimensional interface for the ground commander to plan his campaign. "Let's land near that settlement, at the clearing in the middle of the major vegitation zone." Shin Pu ordered, leaning back into his seat.
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