In Setting Roleplay

Roleplay that occurs inside the setting of Shattered Universe.
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  • 147th RRF
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  • Alliance Territories
    The people aboard the colony vessel Pioneer were set adrift with a dream of a new home when it was lost to Earth. Unable to contact Earth and not knowing where they were when the vessel re-emerged, they were surrounded by unknown species and planets. They were seemingly the last of humanity in an uncharted sector of space. Built on a legacy of human ingenuity and the best and brightest of them they had to offer, the people of the Interstellar Alliance have expanded their reach and thrived. These are the tales of humanity making the best of a bad situation to overcome the dangers of the unknown without losing pieces of the best part of themselves.
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  • Clan Dour-Warad
    A Tale of Blood Feuds and Clans. Lord Idris, the head of Clan Dour-Warad has called his retainers do deal with an old enemy.
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  • Figments of Fantasia
    Many thousands of years ago, different species were scooped up from around the universe, altered and then placed on a primitive planet to do battle with one another. Over the generations, new species emerged and the battles raged on despite having moments of respite. On the continent of Uyria, Orcs have landed on the shores of a human kingdom and war has broken out. Meanwhile, the ice trolls have gotten bolder and are conducting skirmishes against Stormforge, the capital of Belegrod, seat of the dwarven clan, Hillguard. Will you rise to the call of the war drums or cut your own path to glory!
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  • The Forgotten
    It's 3015 GSC, the Wangdaio Colonies have fallen and have been under siege for 5 years. Communications lines between Shouwei Forces and the colony systems have been severed by a mysterious communications black out. The surviving colonists are being attacked from within and from the outside by various hostile forces: ferocious aliens, strange undead monstrosities, pirates and a violent betrayal from their own intelligence forces, the Heise. Starving, terrified and alone, the Wangdaio must save themselves as they struggle to survive or else be truly forgotten.
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  • Jord (Planet)
    Nestled in a nebula on the far side of the galaxy is a small planetary system circling a red dwarf with a single habitable low technology planet, Jord. Magic, called "The Word", is the life blood of Jord and is regulated by the radiant Embers and the dark Aphotics. The elves struggle to appease their Gods and guide humanity along a righteous path to balance the Word. While humanity led by the Church of the Holy Sword seeks to exterminate the elder race for corrupting Jord and disrupting the balance. Only Elves and the Children of the Wind have taken to the skies while the humans under the rule of the Church remain earthbound. Outside hands placed humans on Jord thousands of years ago and it feels as if something is manipulating them still to an unknown end.
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  • KRS Carol Octavius
    An ancient map reveals the location of a tomb on the abandoned prison planet of Chateau D'Lf in the fierce LeLoup system. An experimental ship, an unknown treasure, and funding from the Magister's Consortium sends the Carol Octavius expeditionary ship off into the unknown. What secrets slumber in lost tombs? Will venturing into darkness silence that voices that threaten the sanity of the archaeologist that discovered it?
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  • Kowloon Territories
    The Kowlani Territories, or the Solarity of Kowloon, is a small suzerain to the galactic south of the Tai Pan empire. Home to dozens of species, it is ruled as a monarchy, and underneath the Lord Empress, Bhelith tu Andes Arleigh, it nevertheless prospers in opposition to its democratic neighbors. Fortunes are made or broken in the wild edges of the Solarity, and the names of those who made or lost them rise and fall with equal severity.
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  • Made in Sheffeld
    In the Sheffeldan Freehold, there exists a genetically enhanced task force named the 'Engineered Strike Marines' (ESM). These are the stories of their new lives, wrenching control of their own genetic destiny.
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  • Port Endeavour
    Port Endeavour is a deep space outpost located in neutral space, jointly operated by the Interstellar Alliance and Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu.
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  • Star Dragon
    Broke? Hungry?

    Join the Chimera and do some merc work to get money and food. (Temp description)
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  • Wild Hearts (SFW)
    It's that time of year again! Looking for a chance at a random romance, would-be lovers have been randomly paired up for all expense paid couples getaways! If only the algorithm allowed for more preferences. This could be the best night of your life or another date from hell. Which will it be? It's up to you! (Sponsored by Argent Weapons Emporium and Wild Heart Romance)
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  • U-99
    U-99 is a plot revolving around the 95th Imperial Unterraumsboote, a stealth vessel, and its crew as it performs a number of sorties from intelligence gathering to stalking ships from afar.
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  • Y-Haul
    I haul, You haul, We all haul for fuck’s sake! Come one, come all, see the show, step right up and see how players and characters can drive a plot, into the ground. This Cargo Ship plot is focused on the player's character's interaction, with mild GM direction.
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